Why Do We Call UFOs; Unidentified Flying Objects?

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By calling UFOs, unidentified flying objects, this presumes the object being observed is in fact “flying,” yet the definition of flying assumes the physics of flight are being used. This would therefore mean that the object is using lift as its major strategy to remain airborne.

Yet a UFO is called an; unidentified flying object, that is until you know what it is and it may not be even flying by your definition? So instead most of the label of “UFO” they should be called Unidentified Airborne Objects or UAOs. This indeed could upset those who plan University Activities, which are often called, UAOs or University Activities Organizations? Now UAO would be the proper designation or a very good alternative for what we have mislabeled as per aerospace engineering nomenclature and definition.

Of course the use of the word “Flying” in society is something that is airborne. If you see something that is airborne but unidentified then the common man will consider that the object is flying, whether it has lift or not. Now once identified you may find that it is a bird, a plane or Superman; birds and planes use lift, yet Superman is jumping on a single pound. Jumping is not flying as per the definition of flight in the physics books, but if Superman existed he would be airborne indeed. So when someone see something that is unidentified much of the time that object will be using lift of some sort, but the reason for something flying could be any force or lack of a force which is keeping in your view while it is in the sky.

A UFO is something that is unidentified, it does not matter if it is an resident earth dwelling alien craft, secret enemy project or a weather balloon; it is still “unidentified”. If it were a weather balloon then you would in fact need to call it the other definition of UAO to be correct, not a UFO? But after knowing it was merely a weather balloon then is no longer unidentified, so it could be called an “Airborne Object” or “AO” or simply by its claimed identification; a weather balloon; if you can believe that? Think on this.

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