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This mysterious clear shot of a static ufo was recorded on April 24 2007 from the author’s home in the South of France. First seen at around 5:30PM, it stayed there almost without moving nor noise until the sun went down.

The author estimates that it was at a very low low altitude.

The next video was filmed by the same author the next night a bit before 2 am at almost the same place as wherehe filmed the above video. According to the author, the camera was in full zoom most of the time.

The author had the following to say:

“I have no precise idea if it’s linked to the UFO we filmed before during the day. All I can say is it was moving, the shape sometimes looked like it was shifting too. And the animals around were unusually excited. It happened a bit more on the south than where I was filming the first UFO. I would say it was also more far away. And I wasn’t able to recognize any of the dark shape that is seen on the previous footage.”

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