Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

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In 2005, while being interviewed for a documentary titled First on the Moon: The Untold Story, Aldrin told an interviewer that they saw an unidentified flying object. Aldrin told David Morrison, an NAI Senior Scientist, that the documentary cut the crew’s conclusion that they were probably seeing one of four detached spacecraft adapter panels. The crew was told that their S-IVB upper stage was 6,000 miles away. However, the panels were jettisoned before the S-IVB made its separation maneuver, so this panel would closely follow the Apollo 11 spacecraft until its first midcourse correction.

On August 4, 2007, during his appearance on Larry King Live, Aldrin said he “saw a light moving which was not a star” after they witnessed the “upper stage rocket make a maneuver which missed the moon.”

In the video below, Buzz Aldrin talks about the ‘UFO’ which the Apollo 11 crew saw on their way to the moon.

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