Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Ten Most Haunted Places

In 1910 Major Thomas H. Hays purchased the land in Louisville Kentucky to build a home for his family. But the family sold the home to make way for a tuberculosis hospital in the early part of the 20th century. To prevent this disease from spreading the community wanted a fairly isolated location. As more and more people contracted the disease the facility continued to be upgraded and expanded, it even included a pavilion for children. The death toll of patients was said to average more than 150 people a year. With the introduction of antibiotics the primary function of the hospital changed to that of a sanatorium. The treatment of patients was often radical and experimental and the facility was closed in 1982 due to complaints of patient abuse.

This site of abuse and death has become a noted site for ghosts. There are said to be countless ghosts who roam the halls including two small children who have been seen many times by various people. One of the children is a little girl that has been called ‘Mary’. She is often seen on the third floor and has been seen and heard playing with a ball. There is also the reported ghost of a nurse who haunts room 502. It is said that she hung herself from the light in this room.

One of the most haunted areas in the building is the so called “death chute”. This tunnel leads down and out of the building to a nearby railway stop. Dead patients were taken out this route so that other patients would not have to see their removal. In this tunnel many have heard strange voices and sounds.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Historical Video

This is a movie that depicts the historical value of Waverly Hills with pictures and footage.

A Night At The Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Spend a night at the Sanatorium.

Ghost from Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Ghost from Waverly Hills captured by Matt Moniz of the radio program “Spooky Southcoast.” Sighting comes about 33 seconds in, after cameraman says “right about here, man.” Look in upper right corner.

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