Rose Hall – Ten Most Haunted Places

This huge mansion located in Montego Bay according to local legend is haunted by one of its previous owners.

Annie Palmer came to the Island in about 1820 as the wife of sugar plantation owner John Palmer. Far from being a kind and generous woman Annie is portrayed as evil incarnate. It is said that she killed all three of her husbands in mysterious methods. She also had numerous slave lovers from whom she learned the arts of voodoo and black magic. Most strange of all is that all of her lovers simply disappeared.

Her voodoo practices included torture and child sacrifices. When she herself was found dead in her room the slaves built a special tomb to prevent her spirit from ever rising, but the ritual was not completed and now it is said that Annie walks the halls at night.

The White Witch of Rose Hall

The Story of Annie Palmer.

Haunted Rose Hall

The Montego Bay house where some say voodoo priestess Annie Palmer killed three husbands and many slave lovers.

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  1. sarah hensley on May 20th, 2011 7:35 am

    i think that this is some bogiz stuff, if i ever seen a spirit walkng a hall i wold pee on myslef, i read about her in a book called haunted places, and it was very weird.!. i don’t see how people visit this muesem and spend the night in tere knowing that her spri still remains in there.. someone should post a picture of what annie looks like on here…..what inspired her to start killing people in te 1st place.?. she had a wonderful life..and i think it was really crule of her to kill her house keeper micillent just because her husband started liking her, and then to kill all those other people after that.!. and i never knew rose hall was in Jamaica… i don’t see how people lay on ther tubesone, and take pictures by it and look at it…WOW this is just ughhh.!.

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