Edinburgh Castle – Ten Most Haunted Places

This castle is reputed to be the home of many ghosts. Counted among the ghosts are a piper, a headless drummer and a dog.

According to legend, the young piper had been sent into a series of tunnels leading beneath the castle. To keep the others appraised of his location he took his pipes. When the pipes suddenly stopped playing a search ensued but nothing was ever found of the young boy. Now his pipes can be heard echoing throughout the castle.

However, should you visit, don’t expect to hear from the headless drummer boy. The legend says he only plays to warn of an attack upon the castle. There is also a dog cemetery on the castle grounds where it is claimed that the ghosts of a dog have been seen roaming many times.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle Tour

Images of the castle both from afar and during a guided tour. Also includes images of the annual military tattoo.

Ghostly Image At Edinburgh Castle?

Ghost stories are not so easy to dismiss when there is photographic ‘evidence’ to back them up. Some of the most intriguing snaps are on display at the Edinburgh Science Festival.

Ghost Adventures – The Edinburgh Vaults

The Ghost Adventures crew travels to Scotland to investigate what still lurks in the Edinburgh vaults deep beneath the city.

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  1. Edinburgh Girl on February 8th, 2011 4:37 pm

    Edinburgh Castle is great. It’s so archaic, it’s a great place to take pictures and videos.

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