Bell Farm – Ten Most Haunted Places

One of the oldest known haunted sites in the US is the Bell farm. Located in Adams Tennessee, strange things and ghosts have been appearing since the Bell family built its home there in the late 1800’s.

The first reported incident is when John Bell encountered a strange animal in his field, a cross between a rabbit and a dog. After this time the encounters escalated with numerous members of the family being assaulted by a spirit. The incidents escalated to the point where the family asked friends and neighbours for help. The friends and neighbors then also experienced being approached and often assaulted by the malevolent ghost. It is even claimed that the future President General Jackson came to the farm to offer assistance whereby members of his group also encountered the spirit.

Since that time many people have encountered, what they are now calling the Bell Witch. While on the property the voice of a woman is heard and the spirit of a young girl has appeared. The cave which is located on the farm is also a mystery. Strange noises have been heard coming from the mouth of the cave.

Bell Farm

Bell Witch Documentry

The Bell Witch Story

Learn more about the Bell Witch.

The Bell Witch Plaque

The plaque reads as follows:

“To the North was the farm of John Bell an early prominent settler from North Carolina. According to legend, his family was harried during the early nineteenth century by the famous bell witch. She kept the household in turmoil, assaulted Bell and drove off Betsy Bell’s suitor. Even Andrew Jackson who came to investigate retreated to Nashville after his coach wheels stopped mysteriously. Many visitors to the house saw the furniture crash about them and heard her scream, sing and curse.”

Bell Farm Plaque

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    the witch had a grave in the cave

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