An iPhone App That Summons REAL Spirits?

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I still remember the excitement of getting my first smart phone and downloading an app for the very first time. A friend of mine at the time had opened up to me about strange happenings in her basement suite where she lived with her 3 month year old baby. She was convinced that her basement was haunted and that her baby seemed to interact with unseen entities. She was so troubled by this that she was considering moving into a new home. When she confided in me about what she was experiencing, I could sense that she was reaching out for help and reassurance that she wasn’t crazy. Being the good friend that I am, I wanted to debunk or confirm her suspicions so that she could make a better decision on whether or not to find a new place to live.

If only there was some way of scientifically validating her claims, just like they did on those paranormal investigation TV shows. I began searching for ghost hunting devices online and came across a new tool that I could obtain instantly and affordably. The tool was an iPhone app called Ghost Radar. With the click of a button I had now downloaded my very first app which transformed my phone into a ghost hunting tool. I had always been a paranormal fanatic and wannabe ghost hunter so words couldn’t describe how excited I was to have this new toy. Unfortunately, it did not take long to realize that beneath the high tech graphical interface, the new app was just that – a toy.

Ghost Radar, Phantom Radar, Ghost Detector, Ovilus and Ghost Hunter are amongst a group of novelty apps disguised as real working ghost hunting tools. Supposedly, most of these type of application rely an EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) meter to detect ghosts. Some of these applications scan the area for anomalies and display their findings as blips of color on a radar screen. The apps also claim to enable spirits to manipulate and translate frequencies into words which periodically appear on the screen. The fact is that none of this is possible with the hardware that a smart phone comes equipped with. There is no way it can measure EMF readings, detect motion or anything of that matter like they claim to do. This has been proven many times by frustrated ghost hunting who take their craft seriously (, yet people (mostly kids) everywhere continue to download these apps until they learn for themselves that the words that are generated are completely random. As for all the testimonials where people claim that the generated words correspond with something going on in their life at that time – they are nothing more than coincidences as a result of the law of averages. If enough people download the app and let the app run over and over again, these randomly generated words are bound to have significance to the user. These applications offer no more insight than a “magic 8 ball” or fortune cookie. I suppose by the time people realize the truth, the $2.99 they have spent on the app has paid for itself in the form of entertainment, although I felt ripped off myself.

Just when I had given up on finding a legitimate ghost hunting app based on science, Ghost Seance for iPhone hit the market. Unlike the other phony novelty apps that deceive, this new app was based on traditional methods of making contact with the other side.

The website states:

Could this iPhone app actually conduct a seance and summon spirits? Curiosity got the best of me and I downloaded the app to find out first hand.

After a running the app a couple times by myself without any response I gave up only to give it another shot later that night at around 3:00 am as the website suggests.

It was now 3:00 a.m. and I was lying in bed and the glow of my iPhone lit up a cozy small space underneath my covers. I pressed the play button and began listening to the prerecorded medium attempt to summon a spirit. After a few chants, it finally worked! The response I got was in the form of a rather loud knocking noise that seemed to emit from the ceiling above me. This frightened me and for some reason I decided to say the following under my breath:

“if you are a Demon knock once for yes”

The unseen spirit responded with a knocking noise even louder than the first, so loud that it made me jump in bed. After that I lay there silent and motionless for a good 15 minutes with my heart pounding so hard and fast that I could hear it echo within my mattress. I guess I got the proof I was looking for, even though the Ghost Seance website claims that the app is designed to summon good spirits only.

The next time I used the app was with my best friend at his house. We had been up late drinking and had pretty much ran out of things to talk about so I showed him the new app that I had downloaded. I pressed play and let the app do its thing. The TV was on at the time and the response we got was that the TV and cable both powered off on its own then turned back on after a few seconds. The rest of the electricity in the house was not affected.

My conclude that this app without a doubt is more than capable of summoning real spirits. Whether or not the spirits are always “good” is yet to be determined.

One thing that disturbs me is how the product is marketed. Just as its less tech savvy predecessor the Ouija board, the product is obviously marketed to towards kids. In bold letters it says on their website:

“Perfect for sleepovers, camping trips and parties!”

Now, I don’t want to come across as a prude, after all I used to spend countless hours with my friends playing with a Ouija board and to this day none of us are possessed by demons.

After doing some research I have to conclude that summoning a spirit through a Ouija board, traditional seance or through the Ghost Seance iPhone, is sacrilegious according to the holy bible. However, it is my own personal belief that God gave us an inquisitive mind. This very inquisitive nature is what is responsible for the industrialization, spiritual evolution and overall advancement of our society. After all, how angry could God really be towards people who try and seek proof of an afterlife. If we are given free will to make our own decisions, it is only natural that we would second guess or seek proof of the things we are taught to believe. Could attempting to communicate with good spirits such as a deceased loved one be that bad? I’m sure in this day in age God has bigger fish to fry and should be able to find it in his heart to forgive someone for downloading and using the Ghost Seance iPhone app.

By Charles Kyle
Paranormal Enthusiast/Freelance Writer

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M6 Paranormal Crash Footage

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I’ve been reporting on the M6 Paranormal Crash for the past year or so now and then this week someone posted this clip that allegedly shows the aftermath of the crash.

Apologies in advance for the bad language on the footage.

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Paranormal Activity at the Alton Towers Theme Park

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Millions of people flock to Alton Towers each year to experience the thrills and spills of the – sometimes terrifying – theme park rides. What many of these visitors do not know, however, is that there is an altogether different kind of scare to be experienced at Britain’s number one tourist attraction… if you know where to look.

Situated within the park is a derelict mansion, the Towers from which the theme park gets its name. The house was once the home of the Talbot family, the Earls of Salisbury, from the mid-15th Century through to the 1920s, and was originally known as Alveton Lodge. The name has been changed throughout the centuries, eventually becoming Alton Towers.

In the 1920s, the building was sold to a group of businessmen, who opened the grounds to the public. The house remained empty for several years, apart from some cafes and toilets, but during World War II, it was opened as an officer training unit. After this, it fell into disrepair, before being stripped out entirely and left as a shell, which it remains today.

It is not just rollercoaster enthusiasts who flock to the park; the history and spooky atmosphere of the Towers makes it a very attractive prospect for ghost hunters. It has already been featured on the popular reality show Most Haunted. Often visited by ghost hunters because of its history, the Towers is home to several spirits, including the ghost of a woman in black, who is accompanied by the smell of perfume, and a male presence said to haunt the former music-room. Visitors and staff have also been pelted with stones.

Part of the Towers is now given over to a ride called Hex, which is based on a local legend. The story goes that, in 1821, the Earl was riding home and was approached by an old woman. She demanded a coin from him, but was refused. In return, she put a curse on the family, stating that for every branch of the old oak tree that fell, a member of the family would die. When a branch dropped off the tree, and a member of the Earl’s family did indeed die, the Earl ordered the oak tree to be chained up to prevent any further branches falling.

The tree can still be seen today, its chains still in place. It is claimed that, at night, a mysterious figure in black can be seen near the tree.

It is easy to see why Alton Towers is a prime location for ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. Curses, spirits and a spooky derelict house? What more could a ghost hunter wish for? Riding “Oblivion” might not seem so scary after that.

Ghosthunting at Alton Towers

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Jonah’s Rod Encounter in our Backyard! Skyfish Phenomenon Paranormal Aliens Cryptozoology

November 25, 2010 by  
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On November 9, 2010, I was taking video of my son and caught a mysterious rod-like creature in the video. My son and I didn’t see anything with the naked eye. The creature was discovered later by my husband when we were looking at the film frame by frame on our computer. The image shows 4 still frames and a zoomed in version of the creature.


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Haunted Stepp Cemetery Ghost

October 11, 2010 by  
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Stepp Cemetery said to be haunted by a lady and her child. Video shows a group’s experience while visiting late at night.

Submitted by: tdomf_bdded via User Submission Form.

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“Something Unknown” Documentary on world of unseen

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I can’t offer a link to the actual video, but wanted to at least tell people about a DVD documentary about the world we can’t see, “Something Unknown.” I like the tag line after the title — so it’s “Something Unknown” … “is doing we don’t know what. The documentary explores the world of psychic phenomena, clairvoyance, telepathy and telekinesis among them. You see leading experts in the fields of science and alternative medicine and para-psychology as they give their insights into the world of the unseen, and offer the scientific evidence behind psychic phenomena.

(And I’m sending a link to THIS site to my siblings. Though I personally never saw the ghost, several of them are absolutely convinced are childhood home is haunted. They tell such convincing stories that I am convinced as well, though as I said, I personally never saw her. This is great!)

Submitted via User Submit Form.

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My Friends Haunting

August 23, 2010 by  
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My friend says that she had a haunting a few days ago. she thinks that it is her recently deceased father. she has no videos but she is a good friend of mine and she’s not the kind of person to make stuff up to get attention..

She fell asleep on the couch in her living room which shares a wall with her sisters room and is across from bathroom. She woke up at 3:00 in the morning to go the bathroom and then tried to get back to sleep. She heard a sudden sound like someone banging on the wall and she heard the sound of someone opening and closing the cupboards in the bathroom. It stops and then 15 minutes later it starts up again. She and her dog run to the living room on the other side of her house (she was two living rooms and a big house). She laid down on the floor because her sister was on the couch because she never sleeps in her room.

She can still hear noises a the other end of her house. Suddenly it stops. She says that she was clenching her eyes closed because she could feel someone watching her from the end of the hallway. She hears soft footsteps like someone walking on carpet. She feels like there is someone behind her and then she hears her name and she says it sounded like it was “kind of hanging in the air”

At this point she opens her eyes and turns around and there is no one there. She starts crying and runs to her mothers room. Two hours later she is on the ed and it feels like there is a hand pressing down on the bed next to her. She turns, thinking it is her cat but there is no cat. As she is starting to fall asleep she hears tapping on the doorframe and shuffling noises. She says they went on for another half an hour and then finally stopped.

Submitted by: tdomf_bdded via User Submission Form.

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Shadow People Ghost

After hearing stories of apparition’s appearing and unexplained footsteps in this old house, we had to go there for an investigation.

We had many things happen to our group as well on this investigation.

Ft. Scott, KS
8:30pm (basement sceen)
67 degrees
Sony Hi8 Super Night Vision Camcorder
Nick Corey

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“A Poltergeist in Williamsville” – Haunted Funeral Home – CON-TACT Paranormal

The Con-Tact Team Travel to Williamsville, NY to investigate a House which used to be a Funeral Home. With The Spirit of at least two past occupants, the Con-tact Paranormal team ( Bill paranorbill Connelly, Chris Conlon & Christie Weber see if they can validate claims of extreme paranormal and poltergeist activity, full bodied apparitions and shadow people.

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CON-TACT Paranormal Research Old Fort Niagara

CON-TACT Paranormal Research Team are the first to investigate the reputedly Haunted Old Fort Niagara. With claims of Ghostly activity throughout the grounds. With state of the art equipment. What will the CON-TACT Team find? Bill paranorbill Connelly, Chris Conlon, Christie Weber, Adam Strahley

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