Leap Castle – Ten Most Haunted Places

Located in Northern Ireland this castle has been the site of many strange happenings. Built in about 1250, the castle’s purpose was to guard the pass from Slieve Bloom to Munster. Its history is riddled with tales of battles, torture and horror. [Read More …]

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Bell Farm – Ten Most Haunted Places

One of the oldest known haunted sites in the US is the Bell farm. Located in Adams Tennessee, strange things and ghosts have been appearing since the Bell family built its home there in the late 1800’s.

The first reported incident is when John Bell encountered a strange animal in his field, a cross between a rabbit and a dog. After this time the encounters escalated with numerous members of the family being assaulted by a spirit. The incidents escalated to the point where the family asked friends and neighbours for help. The friends and neighbors then also experienced being approached and often assaulted by the malevolent ghost. It is even claimed that the future President General Jackson came to the farm to offer assistance whereby members of his group also encountered the spirit. [Read More …]

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Edinburgh Castle – Ten Most Haunted Places

This castle is reputed to be the home of many ghosts. Counted among the ghosts are a piper, a headless drummer and a dog.

According to legend, the young piper had been sent into a series of tunnels leading beneath the castle. To keep the others appraised of his location he took his pipes. When the pipes suddenly stopped playing a search ensued but nothing was ever found of the young boy. Now his pipes can be heard echoing throughout the castle. [Read More …]

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Ten Most Haunted Places

In 1910 Major Thomas H. Hays purchased the land in Louisville Kentucky to build a home for his family. But the family sold the home to make way for a tuberculosis hospital in the early part of the 20th century. To prevent this disease from spreading the community wanted a fairly isolated location. As more and more people contracted the disease the facility continued to be upgraded and expanded, it even included a pavilion for children. The death toll of patients was said to average more than 150 people a year. With the introduction of antibiotics the primary function of the hospital changed to that of a sanatorium. The treatment of patients was often radical and experimental and the facility was closed in 1982 due to complaints of patient abuse. [Read More …]

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Ballygally Castle – Ten Most Haunted Places

This huge castle was built in 1625 in the Northern part of Ireland. The most active ghost in residence is said to be one of the former lady’s of the house. It is said that Isobel Shaw wife of the lord of the castle kept her locked in her room. He also was said to be slowing starving her until she finally leapt from one of the windows. [Read More …]

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Rose Hall – Ten Most Haunted Places

This huge mansion located in Montego Bay according to local legend is haunted by one of its previous owners.

Annie Palmer came to the Island in about 1820 as the wife of sugar plantation owner John Palmer. Far from being a kind and generous woman Annie is portrayed as evil incarnate. It is said that she killed all three of her husbands in mysterious methods. She also had numerous slave lovers from whom she learned the arts of voodoo and black magic. Most strange of all is that all of her lovers simply disappeared. [Read More …]

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Whaley House – Ten Most Haunted Places

This historical house located in San Diego has some of the most active ghosts to be found anywhere. According to the Travel Channel’s “America’s Most Haunted” TV show, the house was featured as the number one most haunted house in the United States.

The house which was built in 1857 was built upon the site of the old gallows and was the first brick house in the city. [Read More …]

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Eastern State Penitentiary – Ten Most Haunted Places

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At the time of its construction it was said to be the most expensive buildings in the US. It was opened in 1829 and remained in operation until 1913. Supposedly a revolutionary concept in prisons, it took the idea of solitary confinement to the absolute extreme. This prison drove many of its inmates mad with its strict rules and methods of correction which often lead to an inmates death.

One of the oldest tales about the prison is that of a locksmith who was brought in to open a door. It is said that when he pulled out the key he unlocked the realm of the spirits. He claims to have had an out of body experience where he saw the faces of hundreds of tortured spirits. [Read More …]

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Tower of London – Ten Most Haunted Places

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With it’s long and turbulent history it is not surprising that the tower is haunted. Located in London, the tower has served many functions. The original building was begun in 1708 by William the Conqueror. Since its conception the tower has served not only as home to the royal family but as a zoo, an observatory, a mint and most notably as a prison. Many of Britain’s highest ranking citizens were held and tortured within its walls.

Many of the former residents of the tower are now said to roam its halls at night. Among the ghosts are three of Henry the Eights wives, Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Jane Seymour. The two young prices who disappeared while in the tower have also been sighted upon occasion. There is even an account of a sentry having seen the ghost of a bear. [Read More …]

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Myrtles Plantation – Ten Most Haunted Places

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It is said that no less than 12 ghosts haunt this plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Rumours and legends surround the old house which is now on the Register of Historic Places.

Among these legends is the haunted mirror. Tradition says that at the time of someone’s death in a house all mirrors should be covered. For some unknown reason one mirror in the home was missed. It is said that the spirits of Sara Woodruff and two of her children are trapped within the mirror. Today many say they have seen hand prints on the mirror which are claimed to be those of the trapped spirits. [Read More …]

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