Time Travel Is Not Only a Possibility, It Is Eventually Inevitable

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Time TravelBlack holes would be the most enormous compact physical objects in the universe. The super-massive variety are actually millions and even billions of times the mass of our sun. However cutting edge investigation may take these cosmic colossi down a step or even more. Black holes are actually thought to be formed out of the gravitational collapse of astronomical objects that contain two solar masses or more. Astronomical findings to date propose that the centers of the majority of galaxies, together with our own Milky Way, comprise super-massive black holes containing millions to billions of solar masses.

These super-charged gravitational holes in space are formed either each time a star bigger than 20 solar masses collapses, or even when the total core of a galaxy collapses. Galaxy-collapse black holes release remarkable amounts of energy which can be observed from billions of light years out. This kind of energy originates from the friction of in-falling matter against itself and basically, no radiation can emanate from the black hole itself. These holes in space are collapsed stars whose gravitational force is indeed so intense that not a thing can break free of them, not even light. For this reason the adjective black is utilized. So far, there is good evidence only for one type of black hole: the enormous form which inhabits deep space millions of light-years beyond Earth. One particular example of this is actually the titanic black hole which is sucking up nearby stars at the heart of our own Milky Way. Researchers know the black hole is there because the galactic core is giving off intensive radiation which is the actual dying cry of devoured stars.

A star implodes as it is destroyed by means of its own tremendous gravitational forces. The black hole continues to be the same weight as it was just before it imploded, but it is now an opening right into hyperspace. Because a black hole’s gravitational pull is so very formidable, all nearby objects such as planets, asteroids, and even other stars are drawn directly into the whirling mass of the black hole. Any time a physical object enters this black hole, the object’s volume is added to the black hole’s mass, subsequently resulting in the black hole growing all the more powerful.

Is time travel possible? Theoretical physicist and 2057 host Michio Kaku explores the possibilities.

Smolin’s idea of cosmological natural selection stays away from anthropic reasoning by way of keeping that a process modeled after natural selection elevates the probability that there are pocket universes compatible with intelligent life. Within this particular amazing process, black holes create new pocket universes in such a way that the offspring universes inherit the fundamental physical attributes and constants of the parents, other than for modifications as an outcome of a modest amount of arbitrary differentiation; in other words, the particular process consists of what biologists name cumulative selection.

This specific innovative concept is born from the theory that we reside in a post-Big Bang universe which was initially generated from some other universe which experienced a big collapse. As a result of collapsing from gravitational contraction, all matter within this particular pre-Big Bang universe contracted to a point, bouncing, thus creating our own Big Bang.

Now that we know more about these gravitational holes, we understand and can hope to eventually categorize the quantum systems inside a charged black hole. Further, modern theory holds that for every single basic particle of matter, there exists an anti-particle with the exact same mass but a contrary electric charge. For example, a negatively charged electron has got a positively charged anti-particle known as the positron. Enter string theory, an evolving theoretical work that attempts to identify the known fundamental forces of nature, which includes gravity, and their relationships with matter in a singular, mathematically comprehensive system. Fourteen years ago, a string theorist, Juan Maldacena, conjectured that a number of powerfully interacting quantum mechanical systems could be patterned by classical gravity in a spacetime having continual negative curvature. The charges in the quantum system are substituted by a charged black hole within the bent spacetime, thus wedding the geometry of spacetime together with quantum mechanics.

For quite some time, Ronald Mallett has been working on plans for a time travel machine.

String theory, then, is a good attempt to deal with the reality that these two important theories in physics; quantum mechanics and relativity, tend to be essentially incompatible. This theory is able to blend the two by positing a collection of added dimensions over and above the usual four. People don’t see these other dimensions because they are securely wrapped inside a tiny radius that is unapproachable with typical energy levels. In concept, when you travel at the actual speed of light, time around you slows down. And so for instance, a man boards a rocket that travels at the speed of light. He travels around the solar system several times, and finally returns to Earth. When he exits the rocket, the Earth will have aged a few weeks although his journey only took a few hours. These concepts will eventually make time travel not only a possibility, but ultimately inevitable.

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The Top Bermuda Triangle Theories

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Bermuda TriangleAliens

There are some who believe that there is an actual alien craft under the water in the Bermuda Triangle. They theorize that the aliens are using some kind of futuristic technology to keep ships and planes from coming to close to their craft. Others speculate that the aliens may be using the area to conduct some kind of scientific research and are getting test subjects from planes or ships that get too close to them.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle


There have been numerous reports from people in the region having seen strange swirling lights and unearthly noises. They believe that these are either temporal distortions or wormholes.


This region is notorious for its unpredictable and quick changing weather. Storms seem to come out of nowhere. Hurricanes are known to frequent the area and tropical thunder storms are very common. The sea itself is known to produce huge waves out of perfectly calm seas. It was one of these freak sudden waves that was said to be the cause of the Ocean Ranger’s destruction. The Ocean Ranger was one of the world’s largest off shore drilling rigs. In 1981 it was hit by a huge wave that appeared out of nowhere and the oil rig capsized when it was hit by the wave. Read more

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The Mysterious Nazca Lines

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Nazca LinesOne of the most amazing things in the world are the ancient Nazca lines. These enormous carvings are located in the Peruvian desert, which is 1400 miles long and runs along the Pacific coast of South America. The actual lines are situated on a plateau near the town of Ica. These geoglyphs were believed to have been created around 600 BC. A geoglyphs is a pattern or design that is imprinted in the ground.

One theory states that the Nazca people who lived in the area created the lines. The pictures show not only animals and plants, but other strange beings as well. Due to the size of the geoglyphs, it would have taken decades to design them. The drawings were made by removing the reddish stones and pebbles native to the area, thereby leaving the white ground exposed.

Nazca Lines – Spider

Another popular theory suggests that aliens created these enormous works of art. If they were not actually made by the aliens, the hypothesis suggests that their design was conceived by some type of superior being that directed the people. Read more

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The Mysterious Oak Island Money Pit

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Oak Island Money PitWhat could possibly be more intriguing than a strange mystery that involves an unknown buried treasure protected by traps and other intricate systems? This is the exact enigma that has baffled investigators, and the curious alike, for years when the topic of Oak Island and its mysterious pit are discussed.

The story begins in 1795 on a small island not very far from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A young man by the name of Daniel McGinnis was exploring the shore of the island when he stumbled upon a strange depression. Above the depression, there was a large tree branch that appeared to have some kind of pulley device attached to it. Daniel, having heard the tales of pirates burying their treasure in the area, decided to return to the site with some friends and investigate. Read more

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Did Nazis Germany Land on the Moon?

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Nazis on the Moon?

The leaked Cassiopeia images reveal a swastika shape on the Moon.

Photographs leaked to the Internet last week taken by the Cassiopeia probe on the so-called dark side of the Moon have stirred up considerable controversy among both astronomers and conspiracy theorists. The photos reveal a structure in the Schroedinger crater near the southern lunar polar region; official sources have failed to provide an explanation for it. Scientists are baffled by the discovery, and numerous UFO and conspiracy researchers have interpreted it to prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.

The photographs in question are indistinct, due in part to the orbital distance of the probe and interference from ionised moon dust hanging in clouds above the crater floor, but a regular shape can be discerned in them, located slightly to the side of a circular crater approximately 1.5 kilometres in diameter, itself situated inside a larger, irregular depression. This is not the first time that regular objects have been visible on pictures taken in space. Indeed, parallels have already been drawn to the infamous face and pyramids found in the Cydonia region of Mars. Astronomers disagree, however, whether the Lunar Swastika is an actual structure or an optical illusion.
Hindus, Aliens or Nazis?

The Truth Is Out There – Nazi Moon Base

The lunar discovery is especially intriguing thanks to its extraordinary shape. The anomaly is clearly shaped like the swastika, a symbol used, among others, by the National Socialists in the 1930’s and 1940’s, leading to numerous conclusions that the structure is attributable to Nazis who fled to the Moon after the Second World War. At the same time, in India where the swastika is still in use as the symbol of prosperity, happiness and good luck, hundreds of thousands of Hindus have embarked on pilgrimages all over the country. The internationally famous UFO researcher Martin Krauss disagrees. “It is a sign from Alfa Centaurians who brought life to Earth four million years ago,” he said, “which they left on the Moon to remind us of their visit.”

More at Truth Today

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