Haunting At The Station Hotel In Dudley

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Featured on television by ‘Most Haunted’ the Station Hotel Dudley in the UK, holds many dark secrets, particularly in the cellars. The story tells of a hotel manager who enticed a servant girl into the cellar. Spurning his advances and threatening to tell his wife, the girl was murdered by him.

When ‘Most Haunted’s’ resident psychic Derek Acorah went to the hotel, he reported the name of a male spirit George Williams/Williamson who was having an affair with a female by the name of Elizabeth Hitchen. George Williams allegedly murdered Elizabeth by strangling and stabbing her. Acorah then revealed that Williams disposed of Elizabeth’s body by means of a chute within the hotel, which would have been used, at the time, for the delivery of bottles and barrels. Williams was then reported to have buried the body near the front of the hotel. According to Derek Acorah, Elizabeth Hitchen’s body remains there.

Originally built in 1910, the Station was demolished in 1936 in order to build a larger Hotel. This became particularly popular with theatrical artists playing the Hippodrome Theatre, once situated opposite. Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and George Formby are amongst the famous names that have stayed at the Hotel.

It is still a nice comfortable hotel with a good restaurant decorated to reflect its former glory. Ask to be seated at ‘Georges’ table.

I have held a number of public paranormal investigations at the Station Hotel and have never been disappointed with the level of paranormal activity. If you visit make sure it’s on a cellar tour night, we have had people touched, pushed, slapped and in the case of one unlucky customer; thrown back off a chair just as the Planchette was about to start, all in the cellar, and don’t forget your camera, ‘orbs’ a plenty at the Station Hotel, currently rated as my number one hotel for paranormal activity.

If you do decide to stay the night ask for a room on the haunted landing, 214 is the one in which the bed and chair moved when ‘Most Haunted’ filmed there. Nice!

Moving Bed and Chair in Room 214

John Blythe is Senior Executive Manager for Haunted Weekend http://www.hauntedweekend.com who organizes public paranormal investigations in haunted hotels and castles throughout the UK. He has appeared on television with Haunted Weekend clearing a haunted house and has featured in and written for many paranormal magazines. He is also a featured expert on the paranormal for World Reviewer, a website that specialises in unique experiences; http://www.worldreviewer.com

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Ripley’s Museum – Believe It’s Haunted Or Not!

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“Are there ghosts in there mommy?” asked a little girl responding to her father’s comment about the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum in St. Augustine, FL being “haunted as heck”. “Of course not, honey, there are no such things as ghosts!” The reality is, many people agree with her father’s comment about the place being haunted – believe it or not!

As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most haunted locations in the United States. There are numerous reports from credible people who have visited or worked at the museum. There are cold spots; there are things that move and several places where people become extremely nauseous. Music has been heard, things are moved and a huge Buddha is found lying on its side. From time to time visitors report the smell of a smoky fire and hear crying and whimpering sounds. Read more

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Robert – The Haunted Doll

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Key West is home to a real life “Chucky” doll. The doll was given to artist Robert Otto in 1904 by a servant who practiced voodoo. Robert named the doll after himself and blamed all bad events on the doll. To most people Robert the doll gave off a very bad vibe but not to Otto, in fact, he loved the doll so much that it became a conflict between he and his wife who insisted the doll be kept in the attic. Instead the doll was given his own bedroom where strange occurrences took place. Local children became terrified to walk past the home because they were convinced the doll would watch and actually mock them on the street below. A plumber in the home once swore he heard the doll laugh and noticed that every time he passed the room the doll would be in different areas.

Robert, the possessed doll, is now on display in the East Marello Museum where he continues to spook those who visit. The doll is housed within a display case and yet the doll’s toy lion mysteriously moves from one knee to the other. Knocks can be heard from behind the glass where he sits. It is also said that cameras stop working only when near Robert – some believing the doll itself prevents pictures from being taken.

Robert the Haunted Doll Videos

Robert The Haunted Doll

Author Heather Graham talks about the real-life doll that inspired the “Chucky” horror movies.

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Is the White House Haunted?

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Michele Obama, America’s current first lady recently spoke about hearing strange noises in the hallway outside their bedroom, awakening both the President and his wife. The haunting of another first family in their official residence, has now been confirmed by another first couple. What are the ghostly goings on in the White House?

The White House over the years has always had its ghostly legends, especially the legend of Abraham Lincoln himself who throughout history has been seen by numerous residents, including none other than Winston Churchill himself.

After staying in the White House one night during the Second World War. Churchill had retired to take a hot bath, and sip a brandy before retiring to bed. He left the bathroom, walking naked, a cigar in his mouth, into his bedroom. To his surprise, he saw Abraham Lincoln himself standing warming himself by the fire. Being Churchill he just remarked, “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.” Lincoln left with a smile. Read more

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Top 5 Haunted Hotels in England

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Haunted houses are a very successful tourist location but haunted hotels have even more exposure because more people have lived in them for time periods which can lead to more interesting stories and experiences for visitors.

Ancient Ram Inn

One of the most haunted hotels in all of England is the Ancient Ram Inn which was built in the year 1145. The sights are perfect for a haunted location with bare walls, dim areas, musty smells, and old creaking floorboards. The current owner, John Humphries, saved it from destruction in 1968 when he bought it for 2,600 pounds. Many TV and radio personalities have visited the location along with paranormal investigators who bring their technical equipment to pick up on strange activity. Odd smells, locked doors slamming themselves, and water pools randomly appearing are things that John frequently deals with. Many people also think that a ghost by the name of Elizabeth lives there after she was buried beneath the bar. Read more

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Haunted Ships – The Queen Mary

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The Queen Mary has been a permanent feature in Long Beach, California for a couple for decades and is one of the most famous cruise ships of all time. The ship has become a hotel, museum and popular tourist attraction, and the historic ship is internationally recognized and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Besides the living guests, the ship is said to play host to several ghosts. It has been speculated that the Queen Mary might be one of the most haunted places in the world. Reports say that as many as 150 known spirits have taken up residence and lurk in various locations all around the ship.

The Queen Mary sailed her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936. Built in Scotland to be used as part of a two-ship express service from Southampton to Cherbourg to New York, the Queen Mary is 1,000 feet long, and in her day was said to be bigger, faster and more powerful than the Titanic. She also held the record for the fastest-ever North Atlantic crossing. The historic ocean liner’s passengers included the most celebrated people of the time, including royalty, top entertainment figures and important world leaders.

At the start of World War II in 1939, luxury travel stopped and the ship was turned into a carrier ship that was used by allied forces to carry troops from March of 1940 to September of 1946. It was during this time that she would become known as “The Grey Ghost”. By the end of World War II, the ship had carried more than 700,000 troops, traveled over 500,000 miles and played a significant role in almost every major Allied campaign. She also survived a collision at sea, set the record for carrying the most people ever on a floating vessel (16,683), and participated in the D-Day invasion.

When the war ended, the Queen Mary was refurbished and started up her elegant cruises again in July, 1947, with weekly service between Southampton, Cherbourg, and New York. By the early 1960’s, the popularity of transatlantic cruises greatly decreased due to the increasing affordability of air travel. The ship attempted to revive its popularity, but without central air conditioning, outdoor pools, or other amenities offered on most other cruise ships, the attempt was unsuccessful.

In 1967, the Queen Mary was pulled from service and was sold to the city of Long Beach, California, to be used as a maritime museum and hotel. On December 9, 1967, she made her final voyage to Long Beach.

During her 60-year history, the Queen Mary was the site of 49 reported deaths, opening the doorway for potential spirits to haunt her. Reported hauntings include a young crewman in the engine room, swimmers in the first-class pool, a man in black, and a woman in blue. Some of the Queen Mary’s most haunted places include the propeller box, engine room, boiler room, cargo hold and first class swimming pool.

Ghosts on the Queen Mary

One of these hauntings is thought to be the spirit of John Pedder, a fireman in his late teens who was crushed to death by a watertight door in 1966 during a routine drill. Unexplained knocking has been heard around the door, and a tour guide reported she saw a figure dressed in dark clothing as she was leaving the area where the young man had been killed. She saw his face and recognized him from his photographs. He was dressed in blue coveralls and sporting a beard. The young man has often been seen walking along Shaft Alley before disappearing by door number 13. This famous door was used in the filming of the Posiedon Adventure and has reportedly crushed at least two men during the ship’s history.

The first-class swimming pool seems to be a hot spot for ghostly encounters. Wet footprints mysteriously appear even though there’s not a drop of water in the pool. These footsteps lead from the deck of the pool to the changing rooms. Women in vintage bathing suits are occasionally seen stopping by for a swim ,even though the pool has been closed for more than 30 years. There have also been reports of seeing the spirit of a young girl carrying her teddy bear along with disembodied voices, laughter and splashing sounds.

In the second class pool area the spirit of another little girl named Jackie is often been seen and heard. The girl drowned in the pool during the ship’s sailing days and doesn’t seem to want to move on. Her voice and the sound of laughter has been captured in this area.

In the room that was used as the third class playroom, there have been reports of the sound of children crying in the nursery room. There is also a report that a single baby’s cry has been heard. This crying is thought to be that of an infant boy who died there shortly after he was born.

In some of the first-class staterooms there have been reports of a tall, dark haired man wearing a 1930’s style suit showing up in various places. In addition to sightings of the man, the faucets and lights get turned on in the middle of the night, and phones ring in the early morning hours but no one is ever on the other end of the line.

There are several other reports of sightings about the ship including a beautiful young woman in an elegant white evening gown who dances alone in a shadowy corner of the salon, which was once used as the ship’s first-class lounge. Another mysterious woman in white has been seen close to the front desk. She will usually disappear behind a pillar.

Other phenomena that has been reported throughout the ship include the sounds of knocking, doors slamming and high pitched squeals, drastic temperature changes, and the recurring smells of another time.

The Queen Mary has been investigated by a number of paranormal professionals, printed publications, television shows like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted, and several others. In addition to portions of the movie “The Poseidon Adventure” being filmed there, the X-Files filmed a 1998 WWII era episode about a time warp in the Bermuda Triangle aboard the ship. That was a great episode – it was called “Triangle” – you should check it out if you missed it!

On the Ghost Hunters episode, what was thought to be a fantastic paranormal event caught on tape turned out to be not so fantastic as it appeared someone had tampered with the video camera. So is the Queen Mary really haunted or not? The Ghost Hunters are heading back out there in February of 2008 to see if they can find out. Hopefully there won’t be any tampering this time and they can capture some evidence to support all the claims of paranormal activity on the Queen Mary.

Weird Encounter on the Queen Mary

Article by:Denise Villani

Denise Villani is an author and the webmaster of several websites and article directories. Find more articles and information on Haunted Stuff by visiting [http://www.hauntedstuff.net]HauntedStuff.net.

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Haunted Asylums – Athens Mental Asylum

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The building is old and quiet, the paint is peeling and many of the windows are broken. People who walk through the rooms do so quietly and speak using hushed tones. Tones that are usually reserved for funerals and libraries. They are cautious about where and how they step as though they are afraid of disturbing anything or anyone that might still be residing in the old rooms. This is the old Athens Mental Asylum, a building considered one of the most haunted places in the world.

Ghosts are said to haunt places where they have died or places where they experienced a traumatizing event in their lives. If that is the case, then the Athens Hospital would be home to hundreds of ghosts and many people believe that it is.

Construction of the building began in 1868, and the doors of the hospital officially opened in 1874. The hospital remained open until 1993 when it was forced to close its doors. During its many years in operation, the hospital was a place of horrors. Hundreds died while they were patients and the graves outside are testimony to this fact. Many graves have only numbers on the headstones to mark a patients passing. [Read More …]

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Haunted Hotels – The Schooner Hotel

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Where is the most haunted place in Britain? According to the Poltergeist Society it is The Schooner Hotel. This historic hotel was built in the 17th century and sits in the pleasant village of Alnmouth on the River Aln. When you consider the fact that the hotel was not only a coaching inn, which means that it was part of the inland travelers route, but it was also in a village that was an active seaport. As you can imagine over the years the hotel would have offered accommodations to a vast array of clientele. And. according to staff, visitors and locals, some of these guests never left.

There have been more than 3000 reported ghost sightings in this Inn just in the past couple of years, and there are reputed to be at least 60 ghosts who make their home at the inn.

One of the resident ghosts is that of a young boy who enjoys riding his tricycle, up and down the halls of the inn. Many people have seen the young boy and the staff have noticed scratches among the walls for which they have no explanation. He also enjoys knocking on the doors of hotel guests.

Ghost seekers at the Schooner Hotel

One team of investigators reported seeing a young girl in one of the hallways. When a physic used a type of Ouija board and tried to establish communications with the spectre, the name Abigail was spelled out on the board and when asked her age, the pointer shifted to the number six.

One of the most active rooms in the hotel is number 28. This room is said to have been the scene of a murder. An entire family was killed in this room while they were staying in the hotel. Screams and crying are often heard coming from this room, although no one is in them.

Other strange phenomenon occur within the hotel on a regular basis. Clocks begin to flash and show random numbers. Knocking and banging is also a frequent occurrence. Strange footsteps are heard throughout the building, as well as whisperings and other unaccounted for noises. Many rooms are said to have cold spots and cause extreme feelings of dread and nausea. Paranormal sightings have also included soldiers, a maid and even a chicken.

There is little actual documentation about the history of the hotel and its many guests, but rumors and legends are abundant. Its colorful history includes tales of suicides, murders and fires.

If you plan to visit this old hotel, be prepared. You might just find yourself sharing your room with more than you bargained for.

Schooner Hotel
8 Northumberland Street
Alnmouth, Alnwick NE66 2RS, United Kingdom
01665 830 216

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Does the Ghost of a Serial Killer Still Walk the Halls of LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans?

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The three-storied home at 1140 Royal Street (Rue Royale) in the French Quarter is presently for sale for a cool $2.9 million, but for many years it stood empty and ruined. It was only back during 1832 when it was just newly built for its owners, Dr. and Madame LaLaurie that it was as beautifully furnished as it is now.

For two years Delphine LaLaurie, a Creole socialite, hosted lavish soirees that were attended by all the prominent citizens in New Orleans; however all that changed on a spring afternoon on April 10th, 1834 when an old Negress cook set a fire in the kitchen. Neighbors rushed in to save valuables, including the slaves and what they found confirmed their suspicions beyond their worse expectation.

After leaving the kitchen which was located over the carriageway building across the courtyard, volunteer firemen and other neighbors entered the main house in search of other slaves. They finally found them in the attic area in a secret room, more than a dozen poor wretches, tortured, tormented and locked away where their screams could not be heard. Some were chained to a wall emaciated and close to death, a few were strapped to crudely made operating tables, and others squeezed into cages made for dogs. Human body parts were found in buckets.

The fire was extinguished, however the scandal that was ignited by an article published by the local newspaper, the New Orleans Bee telling of the conditions of the slaves and describing Madame LaLaurie as “the demon, in the shape of a woman” swept the city. Many remembered an event only a year ago when Delphine LaLaurie was seen by a neighbor whipping a young female slave, who in a frenzy to escape from her had fallen from a balcony and died. Rumors had it the child was secretly buried that night on the grounds of the home. It was not a difficult story to believe since by then the mistress of the house had a reputation for maltreatment of her slaves, which she justified as keeping them in control. Others wondered if this was Delphine’s way of exacting retribution for her mother, Madame Macarty, who was murdered on a Carrollton plantation during a slave uprising. At that time. a year before this incident, in response to reports of her ill treatment of the slaves, a judge ordered for them to be sold at auction and the LaLauries were fined, however relatives bought the slaves and sold them back to their mistress. Those outraged readers most probably wondered how many had been brought back to end up suffering such a horrible fate.

A Tour of the Mansion

As the story circulated throughout New Orleans, the fury it stirred finally broke loose five days later and infuriated citizens of the Vieux Carre stormed the house and destroyed the interior. The LaLauries barely escaped with their lives and left the city, shortly thereafter setting sail for France, never to be seen again.

The house was not rebuilt until 1837, and even then it already had the reputation for being haunted. Ghostly apparitions, screams, moans and flickering lights finally drove the new owner out within three months of moving in, and he then rented it out to business owners. During the Civil War it was a Union headquarter and the stories of hauntings persisted, especially the sound of chains clanking coming from the old slave quarters. The house went through different incarnations, as a school, private apartments and by the 1920s it was a tenement where one occupant described seeing a man walking around carrying his head on his arm. Another apparition was that of a woman leaning out of a window.

By now the house was reputed to be the most haunted in New Orleans, and even though there were those that insinuated that many of the stories written about Madame LaLaurie and what had transpired on April 10th, 1834 were grossly exaggerated, making her a victim of yellow journalism, it is impossible to discount and explain the remains that workmen found while doing repairs to the house. From under the floorboards human skeletons were dug up, too near the surface to be part of a graveyard, and the bits of fabric and hair still found on the jumbled bones confirmed they belong to Negroes. Even more chilling was the fact that it seemed they were put in the earth during the early part of the 1800s. Some of the skulls had large holes in them, this and the fact that they were not buried in a trench confirmed this was not a mass burial due to an epidemic. Were these other victims of Delphine, secretly buried in shallow graves in the dead of night?

So who does walk the halls of LaLaurie Mansion? Is it Delphine LaLaurie paying penitence for her deeds, or is it her victims reliving their worse moments at her hands? Or maybe it’s both, and in that dark upstairs garret that’s been sealed away the victims are now allowed to exact their revenge in any way they see fit.

Marlene Pardo
Contact: (305) 389-0032 or Marlene@MiamiGhostChronicles.com
As writer and paranormal investigator, throughout the years I have collected many urban legends, folklore and first hand accounts of ghostly experiences and paranormal adventures.

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Top Ten Best Video Clips From Ghost Hunters

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In the video below you will find a compilation of what many believe to be the best ten video clips that support the existence of ghosts and other paranormal activity filmed by the Ghost Hunters.

[

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