Alcatraz Haunting – Exposing the Ghosts of a Haunted Prison

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Alcatraz is the home of something unexplainable; perhaps only the word “ghost” could describe the strange happening in and around Alcatraz. From times immemorial, the Native Americans used to avoid the place because they believed that it was haunted by evil spirits. The island is the home of weird happenings and sightings, and a large number of ghost stories revolve around it. The island’s mysterious reputation, however, did not stop the US government from using the place to confine prisoners.

The US military first began using the place. Dangerous civil war prisoners were confined on this eerie island. Later, the Prison Department took control of this place. The worst and the most dangerous criminals of America were taken to this island and confined there. Read more

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Mansfield Reformatory

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There are many places that claim to be haunted and to have paranormal activity, but few can compare to Mansfield Reformatory. Not only does the number of strange occurrences reported make it stand out, but also the large number of individual ghosts that seem to keep reappearing to investigators and visitors.

Construction on Mansfield Reformatory began in 1886, but due to funding problems and delays the building was not ready to house inmates until 1896. Even though the prison was officially open it was not finished. One-hundred and fifty prisoners arrived at the prison and were recruited to help with the final stages of construction. Between the time of its opening at its official closure in 1984 the prison saw more than its fair share of deaths and tragic events. [Read More …]

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Eastern State Penitentiary – Ten Most Haunted Places

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At the time of its construction it was said to be the most expensive buildings in the US. It was opened in 1829 and remained in operation until 1913. Supposedly a revolutionary concept in prisons, it took the idea of solitary confinement to the absolute extreme. This prison drove many of its inmates mad with its strict rules and methods of correction which often lead to an inmates death.

One of the oldest tales about the prison is that of a locksmith who was brought in to open a door. It is said that when he pulled out the key he unlocked the realm of the spirits. He claims to have had an out of body experience where he saw the faces of hundreds of tortured spirits. [Read More …]

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