Paranormal Ghost Spirit Pictures

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According to the author of this video, it features the most authentic ghost pictures ever exposed to the public.

While I am not certain I agree with his/her claims, the video does feature some pictures and footage that I had not seen previously.

most authentic paranormal ghost spirit pictures ever exposed video

My favorite, although not likely to be anything other than rocks, is the little man sitting on the rocks photo.

What do you think?

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Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost

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Marilyn Monroe, is one of the biggest stars ever created by Hollywood. Her life tragically ended before her time. Suicide, accident, or other? The world may never know. What is known about her life is that she did have a fascination with the occult. She was known to have consulted physic to the stars, Kenny Kingston on a number of occasions. In death, her ghost is said to have been seen in a number of locations.

Marilyn is buried in Westwood Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles. This cemetery is the final resting place for many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. Natalie Wood, Orson Welles, Rudolph Valentino, and Walter Mathau are among the celebrities resting here. But while most of the people are resting, it is said that Marilyn is not one of them. According to some, her restless ghost has been spotted a number of times near her grave stone. Read more

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Highwayman Ghosts

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One common belief about ghosts relates to the manner of their deaths. it is said that people who die suddenly, tragically or violently, often become ghosts. Perhaps because they do not realize they are dead or maybe it’s that they have vowed revenge or perhaps they are trying to atone for something that they have done during their life. Criminals seem to fit this profile very well, and that may be why so many convicts have been seen as ghosts. It also would account for the fact that prisons are a real hot spots for ghost hunters.

Throughout history especially in Europe you can find accounts of highwaymen hauntings. They have been known to haunt, their places of execution, their hideouts and their favorite spots to rob people. Read more

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Real Ghost Activity in a Haunted House

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According to the author of this video, it may be the best evidence to date that orbs can be perceptive intelligent spiritual energies rather than the sceptical view that they are dust.

The video is somewhat compelling and also contains some interesting photos. The author states that reason why the particular room in the video is so active is that the home – circa 1953 was built partly over an early 18th century farmhouse. [Read More …]

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Raynham Hall Ghost – Lady in Brown

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It was very late, the old house was dark and still. The sea Captain was making his way back to his room. As he and two friends proceeded down the hallway they saw a lady wearing a brown dress and carrying a lantern coming towards them. They moved aside to let her pass. As she glided by she turned towards them and gave them an evil grin. It was then that the three men realised they were not looking at a woman at all, they were facing a ghost. The Captain quickly drew his pistol and fired. The woman promptly disappeared and the bullet harmlessly entered the wall behind where she had just been standing.

The ghost? The famous Lady in Brown. The shooter, well known novelist, Captain Frederick Marryat. [Read More …]

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Ghost at Wem Town Hall

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Bright searing flames engulfed the town hall. The heat was intense. Firemen and police forced the crowds back from the blaze, so people gathered across the street to watch. One spectator, Tony O’Rahilly took out his camera and began to take pictures of the fire. But what actually showed up on his roll of film would amaze and astound people all over the world.

In the stairway of the hall there appears to be the figure of a young girl. Nobody, saw this girl at the scene of the of the fire. And how was she able to get so close to such an intense fire? And if nobody saw her, how is it that she appeared on Tony’s film? [Read More …]

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Ghost Pictures Video

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This video displays a collection of different “ghost” pictures that have been collected from different places on the Internet. Some are more convincing than others. [Read More …]

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Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons Caught on Tape

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According to the author of this video:

“This video is about just what the title states. It’s about Ghosts, Sprits, and Demons! This video shows clips that are (To the best of my knowing) REAL! You of course may judge for yourself. I posted this video for the people who think outside the box as I do, I’m talking about the open minded folks. This was also posted, to share that these things are real, and live among us. Do not fear them, but know they are real. Knowing, understanding, and searching truth is my cause. Thank you, and peace be with you all. Please rate my video, and comments are most welcome.” [Read More …]

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