Gettysburg Ghosts

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Ghosts in GettysburgGettysburg, Pennsylvania is considered one of the most haunted cities in the world. Places where sudden deaths occurred, and cemeteries, are considered hotspots by ghost hunters and Gettysburg certainly has both in abundance.

On July 1st 1863, one of the bloodiest battles of the US Civil war took place at Gettysburg. This historic battle is often considered the turning point of the war. General Lee led the Confederate Army and Major General George G. Meade led the north.

Gettysburg Ghosts

Do Gettysburg Ghosts Haunt the Battlefields?

After three long days of fighting, the North succeeded in stopping the advance of Lee’s Army. The human cost was astounding. The South suffered 4,708 casualties, 12,693 men were injured and 5,830 were either captured or listed as missing. The North, despite its victory, did not fare much better. They had 3,155 killed in battle, 14,531 wounded and 5,369 men were missing or taken prisoner.

The Ghosts of Gettysburg

After seeing the numbers of people that were killed suddenly, and the fact that many of them are buried in the local cemeteries, it is not surprising that this is the place to be if you are hoping to spot a ghost. Ghost sightings in and around the city have been going on for hundreds of years.

The ghosts that are most often seen in this area are either recurring, or non-interactive or both. There are numerous claims of people seeing a group of what appears to be soldiers dressed in grey walking in a line into the trees. These ghosts appear regularly, but do not seem to have any awareness of where they are or what is occurring around them. They return each time and repeat the same actions.

Many of the places in and around Gettysburg are considered to be historical landmarks so if you do plan to go and explore for Gettysburg Ghosts, do so with care and respect.

Gettysburg Ghosts – Most authentic video to date? Let me know what you think.

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What Are Shadow People?

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Shadow People

Shadow People Explained

In ancient lore, shadow people are considered to be demons summoned through black magic or similar ritual to wreak havoc on an intended victim. More modern and scientific approaches have attempted to isolate this phenomenon as nothing more than the product of optical illusions.

In addition, yet another explanation attributed to this process is the prospect of hypnagogia. Hypnagogia is a state of mind usually accompanying the process of first awakening. During this period it’s not unusual for an individual to experience something called a waking dream wherein the imagery can take on a sensation of being all too real. [1. Jenkins, G (2005). Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore. Sarasota, FL: Pineapple Press. ISBN 9781561643271. Retrieved 2010-03-31]

In any event, wherein the individual does experience this paranormal event, it should be treated as a very genuine encounter for that individual and as such ought to be respected as an actual haunting or visitation by a spiritual entity. In-other-words don’t be so quick to dismiss the experience that it leaves the individual with more questions than answers or more fear than certainty.

As a rule, shadow people are there to cause havoc, not necessarily physical harm. If physical harm does occur it’s usually the result of the individual’s reaction more so than any direct action of the shadow entity. Their presence is much like a parasite feeding off the negative energy of its host. The closer this entity can get to their host the greater the chaos it can create and feed off of.

What to Expect of Shadow People

To come in contact with a shadow person can be very frightening to the unaware. At first you may get glimpses of them through your peripheral vision as dark silhouettes cast against a light background or you might even see them fleetingly at night, usually as dense black spaces in the dark accompanied by an equally impenetrable feeling of apprehension.

Shadow people may try to make direct contact through a dream or astral projection at some point in order to grant permission for their entry and/or attachment. If you see them in a dream they will generally appear as a dark gray mass of energy with generic human features, i.e. arms, legs, body, head, face, smile, etc. In the case where they do present themselves in this manner, remain calm and demand that they leave your presence immediately without question.

If remaining calm isn’t in your vocabulary at that moment; remember, you’re a sovereign entity capable of accepting or rejecting anything that comes into your life. Shadow people cannot attach to individuals without their express consent, but it should also be mentioned that they are extremely tricky when it comes to obtaining that consent; so, be aware and beware.

Although shadow people cannot attach without permission this shouldn’t be seen to imply that they cannot cause havoc in your immediate environment, they can and will. The silver lining to all this doom and gloom scenario is that that shadow people will not stick around long if they can’t generate enough negative energy to sustain their presence and it does take a lot of energy.

Are There Any Dangers?

The dangers associated with shadow people are very clear and at no time should you ever try to entertain their presence or give them permission to enter your life. The primary aim of a shadow person is to create havoc by whatever means possible and to that effect they can behave much like poltergeists.

Shadow Person Captured On Full Spectrum Camera

Just as poltergeists, shadow people are able to manipulate and create physical manifestations through the use of sound and the movement of physical objects. Shadow people are especially keen to influence electronics in such a way as to cause flickering lights, TV interference, and any other number of electronic anomalies. Their primary goal is to inflict as much stress and fear as possible without causing direct harm.

If direct harm is related to a shadow manifestation chances are this is a malevolent poltergeist or spiritual manifestation and as such, the individual should seek immediate help from a trained professional experienced in the matter of paranormal haunting. Never attempt to handle a haunting of this nature on your own or without the aid of an experienced psychic; the results can be potentially devastating.


1. Shadow people appear as their name indicates, as a dark gray mass of energy with generic human features. They are largely benign in causing physical harm but can wreck havoc on the immediate environment.

2. Differentiating between the natural and the supernatural source of a shadow people experience is not a hard fast rule of science. Treat each reported occurrence as legitimate with careful investigation until proven otherwise.

3. If confronted by a shadow person, never give them permission to enter your life; the results can be very distressing to say the least. Always seek the assistance of a trained paranormal investigator if havoc becomes unmanageable or continues to persist over a long period of time.

22 April 2007 Waverly Hills Shadow Person

Michele Gerard is a Psychic Medium / Healer with over 30 years experience learning from the ground up. With an over 99% accuracy level and given little or no preparatory information, his abilities are truly one of a kind. Through these articles and his blog, [], he is attempting to take away a lot of the mystery and hype surrounding psychic abilities and shadow people with the belief that all of us are psychic by nature and that everyone should seek to find and enhance these abilities as their natural birthright.

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The Ghosts of the S.S. Watertown

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SS Watertown GhostsOne of the most famous ghost pictures is that of James Courtney and his shipmate Michael Meehan. The picture was taken from the deck of the S.S. Watertown in 1924 and since that time it has become the most recognized ghost photo in the world.

The two unfortunate sailors who are said to be the spirit faces in the water died while sailing aboard the S.S. Watertown. The huge oil tanker was sailing through the Panama Canal from New York. The seamen were said to have been cleaning an area of the ship that had a lot of gas fumes. Sadly, the two succumbed to the fumes and were then, as was the custom, buried in the Pacific Ocean.

Crewmates of the two dead sailors then began to see the faces of their departed mates in the water following the ship. The Captain of the S.S. Watertown was alerted to these eerie sightings and used the only camera on board the vessel to take pictures of the strange phantom faces.

SS Watertown Ghosts

SS Watertown Ghosts

The Captain is said to have taken the camera and placed it into the ship’s safe for the sake of security and to ensure that nothing happened to the film. When the boat docked, the photos were developed and although five of the pictures failed to reveal anything, the faces did appear in the sixth. Both the Captain and the first mate swore to the authenticity of the film when an investigation was underway.

The faces were only seen while the ship was in the Pacific Ocean, but they were reported to have been sighted on more than one voyage. However, after the crew of the tanker changed hands, the phantom faces never appeared again to any members of the new crew or to any other ships.

Many people have undertaken the challenged of trying to verify if the photo is genuine, or if it has, in fact, been altered in some way. Some investigators now claim that the entire episode was merely a giant hoax. However, if that is the case, what about the crewmen who all claimed to have seen the images? Were they all lying? Was it merely a big hoax? Believers do not think so!

SS Watertown Ghosts Video

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Haunted Cemetery – Woodland Cemetery & Doctor Lowry

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Woodland CemeteryIt is often said that a spirit will remain on the worldly plane if they have unfinished business, or they feel an injustice has been done. If this is true, then the ghost of Dr. Lowry has more than one reason for remaining chained to this earthly realm.

His strange tale involves murder, theft, revenge and mystery. In life the Dr. was a resident of Ironton, Ohio. His strange tale begins with the death of his wife Sarah. When Sarah died the Dr. went to the local undertaker and ordered a very expensive casket. However, when the coffin arrived, Lowry changed his mind and said he did not want the item, refusing to pay He stated that the reason for his change of heart was that the coffin was not perfect; it had a very small chip. Read more

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Witch Boards and Ouija Boards

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Witch BoardTalking boards, witch boards or spirit boards have been around for centuries. They are one of the most common methods used for trying to communicate with the spirit world. Many claim that they have been able to talk with loved ones who have passed on, and some claim that they have used them successfully to predict the future. Others have used them to locate their spirit guide.

One of the first recorded references of the use of one of these boards dates back to 1100 BC in China. According to ancient texts, they used a type of planchette writing. Planchette writing is similar but it does not use an actual board.

There have also been claims that ancient Greeks and Romans used a form of board to communicate with the spirit world. Read more

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Haunted Hotels – Copper Queen Hotel – Ghost of Julia Lowell

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Cooper Queen HotelJulia Lowell is the most famous ghost that resides at the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee, Arizona. During her life, it is said that Julia was a lady of the evening who would meet her clients in Brewery gulch. She would then bring the clients back to the Copper Queen Hotel to complete their business. Locals claim that Julia fell madly in love with one of her regular gentlemen callers and when she expressed her feelings to the man, he no longer wanted to have anything to do with her. Heartbroken, Julia took her own life in the hotel.

Julia now visits the male guests of the hotel. She is said to whisper in their ears and enjoy playing with their feet. Many guests have claimed that the covers on their feet were being removed. She has also been seen in the form of white, wispy smoke. The current owners of the hotel named one of the rooms in the inn after their mysterious resident. Read more

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Ghosts of Chillingham Castle

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Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, UK is said to be the most haunted castle in the UK and not surprisingly since the castle houses dark dungeons and macabre torture chambers. This ancient fortress dates back to 1246, when the Earl Grey lords built this remarkable building and where the Earl Grey ancestors have resided for centuries.

The castle is presently the home of Sir Humphry Wakefield Bt., his wife The Hon. Lady Wakefield and their family. The family claim it is the most haunted castle because of the many ghosts which frequently haunt their home.

The most notable ghostly apparition is the ‘blue boy’ (or ‘radiant boy’) who is said to haunt the castle’s Pink Room. Many guests, whilst occupying the room, have heard terrifying wailing sounds soon to be followed by a halo of blue light appearing above their bed.

Although that particular haunting ended when a gruesome discovery during renovation work revealed the bones of a young boy and a man who had been bricked inside a wall. It was intended that no one should ever hear their piteous cries for help, as the wall was built 10 feet thick.

A Short Tour of Chillingham Castle

This was not the end to the hauntings in Chillingham Castle. The owners have also witnessed a much more sinister energy which wanders the halls…the terryfying spectre of the once evil torturer – John Sage.


When nightime falls around Chillingham Castle, one of the most feared sounds to be heard on occasions is that of ‘something’ slowly dragging its foot as it wanders the corridors. It is believed to be the spirit of former Lieutenant, John Sage who earned the nickname ‘dragfoot’, when in life, his leg was injured by a spear during his final battle in the ongoing wars with his Scottish neighbours.

After his injury he was desperate for a position of work and was proud to be given the title of Chillingham Castle torturer by the castle owner Edward Longshanks (1200 AD). Sage was a monster of a man and his gruesome work would give him immense satisfaction for the next 3 years, where he would go on to torture at least 50 of his Scottish enemies per week.

Sage would revel as the Scots were captured and tossed into the castle’s dungeons. These poor souls would wish they had perished on the battlefield, as Sage was renowned for carrying out the most hideous tortures in history. One torture device came to be known as one of the most feared…’the cage’. This apparatus would trap its victim and then be placed over a blazing fire – roasting the captive for hours, whilst Sage sat studying his enemy – writhing and screaming for their death.

Sage’s insatiable thirst for torture would eventually lead to his downfall, when one day his lover Elizabeth Charlton paid him a visit. During their sexual liaison, Sage decided to place Elizabeth on one of his other torture devices – ‘the rack’. Sage then began strangling her during the height of her sexual pleasure, but he went too far and accidentally killed her.

Chillingham Castle Ghosthunt – Orbs & Ghosts

Elizabeth’s father (a Border Reiver, clan leader and outlaw), upon hearing of his daughter’s death, warned the now almost penniless Longshanks, if he did not have Sage killed he would join in an allied attack with the Scots against the Castle.

Longshanks’ dwindling resources due to the war and the fact that the Border Reiver’s were a powerful force gave him little choice but to put Sage to death. He was hanged on the grounds of the castle on ‘Devil’s Mile’ (aka, Devil’s Walk) before a crowd of jeering onlookers.

As Sage’s body still twitched with life, the crowd set about him – slicing pieces from his body, including his nose, toes, and testicles. A rather ‘cutting’ fate, some may say, for one who’s greatest rapture was the sight of an ungodly end.

Sightings – Ghosts of Chillingham Castle

Author: Jackie Reynolds

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Do Ghosts Exist? Insights From a Professional Ghost Researcher

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Do ghosts exist? That’s the most popular question asked about ghosts and haunted places.

The answer isn’t simple. Science and spirituality are important to any discussion about ghosts and hauntings. Whether or not you believe in ghosts may depend on your personal experiences, how well you can remain calm and logical in an eerie setting, and your religious background.

Many people want to believe after experiencing something strange. They saw, heard, or felt something that they couldn’t describe, except as an encounter with a spirit or ghost. Soon, they’re checking paranormal websites, reading ghost books, going on ghost tours, and looking for nearby haunts to explore.

They usually find more questions than answers.

So far, no one can prove that ghosts are real, or that they’re not real. All anyone can say is that something odd is going on at some haunted places. Read more

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Are Orbs Paranormal? 3 Strong Reasons to Prove the Spiritual Nature of Orbs

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Orbs, like ghosts, are another subject for hot debate. Skeptics do not see anything paranormal about orbs. They explain orbs away by saying that they are a collection of vapor and dust particles, formed in nature. Others claim that orbs exist, but explain that they are the results of a technical mistake in the film or camera. However, these explanations do not hold true for every orb. Several paranormal researchers claim that spirits can manifest as orbs.

Are orbs really a natural phenomenon? Or is there anything psychic about them? Believers in the paranormal have absolutely no doubts that orbs belong to the spiritual dimension. Although there isn’t any strong evidence to prove once and for all that orbs are spiritual, one can put forth at least 3 strong arguments in favor of orbs being a paranormal phenomenon. Read more

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Understanding Ghosts, Apparitions, Spirits, and Poltergeists

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In the non physical world interacting with our physical world there are ghosts, apparitions, spirits, and poltergeists.

Ghosts are spiritual presences that, through the use of energy, usually take on a physical form to interact with the physical environment. Most ghosts are not evil or bad, rather they are spiritual energies that have a message which they need to get across to someone. Many ghosts do not, in fact, even know they are ghosts and as such simply helping them to understand this is all that is needed for them to move on.

An apparition isn’t really a ghost at all! It’s more like a memory that, because of the intense emotions and circumstances surrounding it, has been locked into time and place. Thus, when you encounter an apparition interacting with it does little to no good, because nothing is really there except for the memory.

For instance, let us suppose that a man and his wife are having an argument. The man takes out a gun and shoots his wife then turns the gun on himself. Many years later, people start to notice that there is a man with a gun and they hear the shrieking of a woman and this centers around one room of this home. What we have here is not ghosts, but rather apparitions. The memory of the event is firmly trapped that particular room and when a certain amount of energy or a certain type of energy is present; that energy sets off that memory so that it plays out, like someone accidentally touching the start button on a VCR which starts playing whatever tape is in the machine.

Read more

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