Ft. Scott Kansas Haunted Farm House

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Jasper haunts investigated the Ft. Scott home to see if it was actively haunted and look what we found.

Please watch this video and see what was lurking in the basement when we were outside.

No doors or people were present during this basement seen.


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One Response to “Ft. Scott Kansas Haunted Farm House”

  1. kelly rutledge on October 17th, 2010 12:00 am

    I thought it was awsome. I from Chanute, Ks. I have seen spirits all of my life. Well dark shadows darker than the dark every since i was litte. My parents never told anyone and plus they thought it was my imagination and it was nitemares but i knew different. My grandma lived with us and she believed me i was so scared. That house burnt down to the ground after we moved out of it. The house i am in now well it seems all the houses I have lived in seems that these shadows spirits follow me. I have messd with the ouija board a few times only to get answers about my now xhusband. everytime i asked if there was any spirit guides with me it always told me. My son hears whipering all the time and we always wil hear like a radio going cuz we had both asked who turned on the stereo.. I guess what my comment or actually a question is, is it possible that spirts follow you and why do they pick you> and also can spirits physically remove things in your home >alot of things come up missing her at our house. Its just me and my 2 children live here and it scares me at times. Could I have your input please to maybe answer questions for me. Thank you. I believe in spirits and angels. I would love to speak to someone to tell you more, Thank you for your time.

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