The Van Lake Monster – Turkey

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Turkey is the sight of one of the most recent lake monsters. Van Lake is the largest lake in Turkey and is at an elevation of 1720 metres above sea level. The lake itself is full of sodium carbonate, which allows for very few varieties of fish to inhabit it.

The monster was brought to the attention of the world by a university student in 1995 who caught the creature on video. CNN bought the rights to this video. Since that time certain sources have stated that there have been well over 100 sightings of this strange creature.

The GUST ( Global Underwater Search Team) crew has been trying to get permission to investigate the lake but the area has been deemed unsafe for travel. At one point there was even talk that the famous Jacques Cousteau would travel to the area to locate this mysterious creature.

Video Footage of Lake Van Monster

An amateur lake monster-hunter has recorded the video below of a possible sea monster swimming across Lake Van, a small lake in eastern Turkey. The mediocre-quality footage, snippets of which clearly show something in the water.

Documentry About Lake Van Monster

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