Ogopogo – Okanagan Lake Monster

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Ogopogo is one of Canada’s most famous lake monsters, Natives referred to the creature as Naitaka. The creature’s home is Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. Natives who fished in the lake always avoided a island which is now called Rattlesnake Island. They claimed that they often saw the remains of animals lying on the island’s beach. It was a common practice for natives crossing the lake in stormy weather to toss an animal overboard to appease the creature.

The recorded sightings of this strange lake creature date back to the mid 1800’s. One tale claims that a man who was crossing the lake with a group of horses got too close to the island. The horses were pulled under and disappeared.

In 1926 the creature was sighted by people in not less than thirty cars. It was a staggering amount and the papers noted that anything seen by this many people at one time should definitely be investigated.

In the summer of 1947 the creature once again appeared to large group of people. Reports came in from a number of different boaters on the lake that day. All of them having seen the same strange animal at the same time. It doesn’t need to be said that it is unusual for so many people to see one of these creatures at the same time. Many of the witnesses were extremely credible and it is hard to doubt their accounts.

Sightings have continued throughout the years and scientists have yet to come up with an answer.

In Search Of… The Ogopogo Monster

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