Lake Tianchi Monster in China

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China also has its own mysterious lake monsters. However, unlike many of the North American and European creatures the one that lives in Lake Tianchi may not be there alone. Lake Tiachi is located in the mountains that border Nepal and may be the home of at least twenty monsters.

One sighting of the monster claims that it was seen coming right out of the lake whereby it attacked three people before it was shot and driven back into the lake. Others claim that they have seen cattle and sheep dragged out into the depths of the lake by some unknown creature.

Some have stated that the monsters have reached lengths of over 10 meters and there are now so many that they have been sighted even swimming in groups.

There have been numerous pictures and videos taken of these strange creatures a couple of which are below.

Six Monsters Taped At Lake Tianchi

Six monsters videotaped by a Chinese journalist at Lake Tianchi (close to Korean borders) September 2007

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