The Top Bermuda Triangle Theories

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Bermuda TriangleAliens

There are some who believe that there is an actual alien craft under the water in the Bermuda Triangle. They theorize that the aliens are using some kind of futuristic technology to keep ships and planes from coming to close to their craft. Others speculate that the aliens may be using the area to conduct some kind of scientific research and are getting test subjects from planes or ships that get too close to them.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle


There have been numerous reports from people in the region having seen strange swirling lights and unearthly noises. They believe that these are either temporal distortions or wormholes.


This region is notorious for its unpredictable and quick changing weather. Storms seem to come out of nowhere. Hurricanes are known to frequent the area and tropical thunder storms are very common. The sea itself is known to produce huge waves out of perfectly calm seas. It was one of these freak sudden waves that was said to be the cause of the Ocean Ranger’s destruction. The Ocean Ranger was one of the world’s largest off shore drilling rigs. In 1981 it was hit by a huge wave that appeared out of nowhere and the oil rig capsized when it was hit by the wave.

Bermuda Triangle – Possible causes of the mysterious disappearances.

Glowing Water

A number of different aircraft flying over the triangle have noted a mysterious glow emanating from the surface of the water. As of yet there has been no explanation as to its cause.


Another of the world’s great mysteries is the lost civilization of Atlantis. Atlantis was said to be a very advanced society that disappeared off the face of the planet. Many speculate that it is beneath the area that is now known as the Bermuda Triangle. They also hypothesize that it is this culture that is, for some reason, causing these strange disappearances.

Methane Gas

The most popular explanation at this point is that of methane gas. Gas pockets have been found beneath the ocean, and it has been proven that if methane gas is released into the surrounding water it can cause ships to sink. It has also been suggested that if the gas bubble is large enough it can enter the atmosphere and disrupt a plane’s engine. It may even ignite the air surrounding the plane.


Another hypothesis suggests that, about 11 00 years ago, a large comet crashed into this area of the Atlantic Ocean. This comet has some kind of strange magnetic properties that cause the disruption of the navigation systems on both ships and planes. It has even been suggested that the comet could be affecting the actual engines of some planes.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

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