The Mysterious Oak Island Money Pit

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Oak Island Money PitWhat could possibly be more intriguing than a strange mystery that involves an unknown buried treasure protected by traps and other intricate systems? This is the exact enigma that has baffled investigators, and the curious alike, for years when the topic of Oak Island and its mysterious pit are discussed.

The story begins in 1795 on a small island not very far from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A young man by the name of Daniel McGinnis was exploring the shore of the island when he stumbled upon a strange depression. Above the depression, there was a large tree branch that appeared to have some kind of pulley device attached to it. Daniel, having heard the tales of pirates burying their treasure in the area, decided to return to the site with some friends and investigate.

Oak Island Money Pit

If this had just been a simple hole or depression, the mystery would have ended right then and there. However, as Daniel and his two friends, John Smith and Anthony Vaughan discovered, there was far more to this hole than initially met the eye.

The three boys had dug no more than two feet when they encountered a layer of flagstones covering the entire diameter of the hole. Removing the stones they continued to dig until they discovered a layer of oak beams, which spanned the pit at approximately ten feet. Digging continued and they encountered two more layers of oak beams, one at twenty feet and another at thirty feet. Unfortunately, the boys were unable to dig any deeper and were not able to return to the site for almost eight years.

When the boys did return, they were not alone. They came with the backing of the Onslow digging Company. As before, with every ten feet dug, they would encounter a layer of oak logs. At the forty foot mark, they found charcoal and at fifty feet, they found putty. At sixty feet was the strangest find yet, they discovered coconut fibre which is not native to the islands location in Canada.

However, things continue to get even stranger. At ninety feet they found a stone with writing on it.

Oak Island Money Pit

The message turned out to be a simple substitution cipher where each symbol inscribed on the stone corresponded to a letter in the alphabet. Decoded it reads:


Finally at about 98 feet they encountered a spruce platform. When they tried to dig deeper the cave began to fill with water, and they were unable to continue. Although not known then, the water was actually coming from another tunnel which was placed as a trap to protect individuals from further entry. This tunnel is now referred to as the Smith’s Cove Flood Tunnel.

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Since the Onslow excursion, numerous different attempts have been made to go deeper into the hole. However, the hole continued to thwart any and all made. Schemes have included digging a parallel mine, using pumps and even digging side trenches. Six people have died in various attempts.

The latest company to take up the quest is Blankenship and Triton. Using some of the most up-to-date technology they have managed to reach a depth of 230 feet. As in previous dig attempts, they encountered various items at different intervals, but they really hit pay dirt at the 230 mark. While lowering a camera, they discovered a human hand with three chests. An attempt was made to send divers into the pit, but they were unable to get to the bottom or to see anything due to the murky nature of the water.

And that is where the mystery sits. Work is still continuing on the pit and although hope is still high, they have yet to be able to reach the bottom.

Oak Island – 3D Model of Past Findings and Challenges

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