The Mysterious Nazca Lines

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Nazca LinesOne of the most amazing things in the world are the ancient Nazca lines. These enormous carvings are located in the Peruvian desert, which is 1400 miles long and runs along the Pacific coast of South America. The actual lines are situated on a plateau near the town of Ica. These geoglyphs were believed to have been created around 600 BC. A geoglyphs is a pattern or design that is imprinted in the ground.

One theory states that the Nazca people who lived in the area created the lines. The pictures show not only animals and plants, but other strange beings as well. Due to the size of the geoglyphs, it would have taken decades to design them. The drawings were made by removing the reddish stones and pebbles native to the area, thereby leaving the white ground exposed.

Nazca Lines – Spider

Another popular theory suggests that aliens created these enormous works of art. If they were not actually made by the aliens, the hypothesis suggests that their design was conceived by some type of superior being that directed the people.

Nazca Lines

What nobody understands is why the designs were made. There have been a number of different ideas put forth on this subject. One speculation is that the lines were used as some sort of alien landing area. Nevertheless, why the pictures depict animals and plants is a mystery.

Another proposal is that these designs were some sort of early irrigation system, but this has been generally ruled out as a possibility.

Some have even suggested that the creations were some sort of race track.

It has also been proposed that these designs are actually some kind of giant calendar. Finally, there is another theory that suggests the designs have some kind of astrological meaning.

Whatever the reason for their creation, to truly appreciate the magnificence of the drawings, it is necessary to fly over them.

Did Aliens Create The Nazca Lines

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