The Top Bermuda Triangle Theories

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Bermuda TriangleAliens

There are some who believe that there is an actual alien craft under the water in the Bermuda Triangle. They theorize that the aliens are using some kind of futuristic technology to keep ships and planes from coming to close to their craft. Others speculate that the aliens may be using the area to conduct some kind of scientific research and are getting test subjects from planes or ships that get too close to them.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle


There have been numerous reports from people in the region having seen strange swirling lights and unearthly noises. They believe that these are either temporal distortions or wormholes.


This region is notorious for its unpredictable and quick changing weather. Storms seem to come out of nowhere. Hurricanes are known to frequent the area and tropical thunder storms are very common. The sea itself is known to produce huge waves out of perfectly calm seas. It was one of these freak sudden waves that was said to be the cause of the Ocean Ranger’s destruction. The Ocean Ranger was one of the world’s largest off shore drilling rigs. In 1981 it was hit by a huge wave that appeared out of nowhere and the oil rig capsized when it was hit by the wave.

Bermuda Triangle – Possible causes of the mysterious disappearances.

Glowing Water

A number of different aircraft flying over the triangle have noted a mysterious glow emanating from the surface of the water. As of yet there has been no explanation as to its cause.


Another of the world’s great mysteries is the lost civilization of Atlantis. Atlantis was said to be a very advanced society that disappeared off the face of the planet. Many speculate that it is beneath the area that is now known as the Bermuda Triangle. They also hypothesize that it is this culture that is, for some reason, causing these strange disappearances.

Methane Gas

The most popular explanation at this point is that of methane gas. Gas pockets have been found beneath the ocean, and it has been proven that if methane gas is released into the surrounding water it can cause ships to sink. It has also been suggested that if the gas bubble is large enough it can enter the atmosphere and disrupt a plane’s engine. It may even ignite the air surrounding the plane.


Another hypothesis suggests that, about 11 00 years ago, a large comet crashed into this area of the Atlantic Ocean. This comet has some kind of strange magnetic properties that cause the disruption of the navigation systems on both ships and planes. It has even been suggested that the comet could be affecting the actual engines of some planes.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

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The Mysterious Nazca Lines

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Nazca LinesOne of the most amazing things in the world are the ancient Nazca lines. These enormous carvings are located in the Peruvian desert, which is 1400 miles long and runs along the Pacific coast of South America. The actual lines are situated on a plateau near the town of Ica. These geoglyphs were believed to have been created around 600 BC. A geoglyphs is a pattern or design that is imprinted in the ground.

One theory states that the Nazca people who lived in the area created the lines. The pictures show not only animals and plants, but other strange beings as well. Due to the size of the geoglyphs, it would have taken decades to design them. The drawings were made by removing the reddish stones and pebbles native to the area, thereby leaving the white ground exposed.

Nazca Lines – Spider

Another popular theory suggests that aliens created these enormous works of art. If they were not actually made by the aliens, the hypothesis suggests that their design was conceived by some type of superior being that directed the people.

Nazca Lines

What nobody understands is why the designs were made. There have been a number of different ideas put forth on this subject. One speculation is that the lines were used as some sort of alien landing area. Nevertheless, why the pictures depict animals and plants is a mystery.

Another proposal is that these designs were some sort of early irrigation system, but this has been generally ruled out as a possibility.

Some have even suggested that the creations were some sort of race track.

It has also been proposed that these designs are actually some kind of giant calendar. Finally, there is another theory that suggests the designs have some kind of astrological meaning.

Whatever the reason for their creation, to truly appreciate the magnificence of the drawings, it is necessary to fly over them.

Did Aliens Create The Nazca Lines

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The Ghosts of the S.S. Watertown

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SS Watertown GhostsOne of the most famous ghost pictures is that of James Courtney and his shipmate Michael Meehan. The picture was taken from the deck of the S.S. Watertown in 1924 and since that time it has become the most recognized ghost photo in the world.

The two unfortunate sailors who are said to be the spirit faces in the water died while sailing aboard the S.S. Watertown. The huge oil tanker was sailing through the Panama Canal from New York. The seamen were said to have been cleaning an area of the ship that had a lot of gas fumes. Sadly, the two succumbed to the fumes and were then, as was the custom, buried in the Pacific Ocean.

Crewmates of the two dead sailors then began to see the faces of their departed mates in the water following the ship. The Captain of the S.S. Watertown was alerted to these eerie sightings and used the only camera on board the vessel to take pictures of the strange phantom faces.

SS Watertown Ghosts

SS Watertown Ghosts

The Captain is said to have taken the camera and placed it into the ship’s safe for the sake of security and to ensure that nothing happened to the film. When the boat docked, the photos were developed and although five of the pictures failed to reveal anything, the faces did appear in the sixth. Both the Captain and the first mate swore to the authenticity of the film when an investigation was underway.

The faces were only seen while the ship was in the Pacific Ocean, but they were reported to have been sighted on more than one voyage. However, after the crew of the tanker changed hands, the phantom faces never appeared again to any members of the new crew or to any other ships.

Many people have undertaken the challenged of trying to verify if the photo is genuine, or if it has, in fact, been altered in some way. Some investigators now claim that the entire episode was merely a giant hoax. However, if that is the case, what about the crewmen who all claimed to have seen the images? Were they all lying? Was it merely a big hoax? Believers do not think so!

SS Watertown Ghosts Video

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The Mysterious Oak Island Money Pit

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Oak Island Money PitWhat could possibly be more intriguing than a strange mystery that involves an unknown buried treasure protected by traps and other intricate systems? This is the exact enigma that has baffled investigators, and the curious alike, for years when the topic of Oak Island and its mysterious pit are discussed.

The story begins in 1795 on a small island not very far from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A young man by the name of Daniel McGinnis was exploring the shore of the island when he stumbled upon a strange depression. Above the depression, there was a large tree branch that appeared to have some kind of pulley device attached to it. Daniel, having heard the tales of pirates burying their treasure in the area, decided to return to the site with some friends and investigate.

Oak Island Money Pit

If this had just been a simple hole or depression, the mystery would have ended right then and there. However, as Daniel and his two friends, John Smith and Anthony Vaughan discovered, there was far more to this hole than initially met the eye.

The three boys had dug no more than two feet when they encountered a layer of flagstones covering the entire diameter of the hole. Removing the stones they continued to dig until they discovered a layer of oak beams, which spanned the pit at approximately ten feet. Digging continued and they encountered two more layers of oak beams, one at twenty feet and another at thirty feet. Unfortunately, the boys were unable to dig any deeper and were not able to return to the site for almost eight years.

When the boys did return, they were not alone. They came with the backing of the Onslow digging Company. As before, with every ten feet dug, they would encounter a layer of oak logs. At the forty foot mark, they found charcoal and at fifty feet, they found putty. At sixty feet was the strangest find yet, they discovered coconut fibre which is not native to the islands location in Canada.

However, things continue to get even stranger. At ninety feet they found a stone with writing on it.

Oak Island Money Pit

The message turned out to be a simple substitution cipher where each symbol inscribed on the stone corresponded to a letter in the alphabet. Decoded it reads:


Finally at about 98 feet they encountered a spruce platform. When they tried to dig deeper the cave began to fill with water, and they were unable to continue. Although not known then, the water was actually coming from another tunnel which was placed as a trap to protect individuals from further entry. This tunnel is now referred to as the Smith’s Cove Flood Tunnel.

Oak Island Money Pit Mystery.mp4

Since the Onslow excursion, numerous different attempts have been made to go deeper into the hole. However, the hole continued to thwart any and all made. Schemes have included digging a parallel mine, using pumps and even digging side trenches. Six people have died in various attempts.

The latest company to take up the quest is Blankenship and Triton. Using some of the most up-to-date technology they have managed to reach a depth of 230 feet. As in previous dig attempts, they encountered various items at different intervals, but they really hit pay dirt at the 230 mark. While lowering a camera, they discovered a human hand with three chests. An attempt was made to send divers into the pit, but they were unable to get to the bottom or to see anything due to the murky nature of the water.

And that is where the mystery sits. Work is still continuing on the pit and although hope is still high, they have yet to be able to reach the bottom.

Oak Island – 3D Model of Past Findings and Challenges

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Haunted Cemetery – Woodland Cemetery & Doctor Lowry

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Woodland CemeteryIt is often said that a spirit will remain on the worldly plane if they have unfinished business, or they feel an injustice has been done. If this is true, then the ghost of Dr. Lowry has more than one reason for remaining chained to this earthly realm.

His strange tale involves murder, theft, revenge and mystery. In life the Dr. was a resident of Ironton, Ohio. His strange tale begins with the death of his wife Sarah. When Sarah died the Dr. went to the local undertaker and ordered a very expensive casket. However, when the coffin arrived, Lowry changed his mind and said he did not want the item, refusing to pay He stated that the reason for his change of heart was that the coffin was not perfect; it had a very small chip.

The story continues about two years later when the Dr. Was found dead in his home, and although the weather was very hot, the heat was on in the house. The official cause of his death was a stroke, but many did not believe this and thought that the Dr. had met with foul play. Some thought that the heirs of the Doctor had, in fact, poisoned him.

Woodland Cemetery

In a strange twist of fate the Doctor’s body was taken to the same undertaker that he had offended years earlier. The undertaker in a moment of revenge decided to bury the Dr. In the very coffin that he had spurned. The Dr. was too tall and heavy to fit in the casket so the undertaker took it upon himself to make the Doctor Fit. He broke the Dr. Legs and folded them in and the cut open the Doctor’s stomach removing all of his vital organs.

The tale does not end there. In time the authorities were persuaded to re-open the investigation into the Doctor’s death. They received a permit to exhume the body but when they dug up the remains to examine them for traces of toxins, they were shocked to find that there were no internal organs for them to check. The undertaker was questioned and did confess to what he had done. He even took the investigators to the place where he had disposed of the missing parts. Sadly, for the Doctor, the organs had decayed beyond the point of being useful to the investigators. With no evidence, there was no possible way of determining if Lowry had been poisoned. The case would remain open.

Ever since the time of the Lowry’s death people have been claiming to have seen his ghost moving about the Woodland cemetery and the town library which was built on the site of the Doctor’s old home. It is no wonder that the spirit of the Doctor is said to be restless. Some believe that he remains earth bound trying to find his missing body parts while other believe that he remains to see justice done.

Historical Ghost Walk, Woodland Cemetery

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