Top 5 Haunted Hotels in England

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Haunted houses are a very successful tourist location but haunted hotels have even more exposure because more people have lived in them for time periods which can lead to more interesting stories and experiences for visitors.

Ancient Ram Inn

One of the most haunted hotels in all of England is the Ancient Ram Inn which was built in the year 1145. The sights are perfect for a haunted location with bare walls, dim areas, musty smells, and old creaking floorboards. The current owner, John Humphries, saved it from destruction in 1968 when he bought it for 2,600 pounds. Many TV and radio personalities have visited the location along with paranormal investigators who bring their technical equipment to pick up on strange activity. Odd smells, locked doors slamming themselves, and water pools randomly appearing are things that John frequently deals with. Many people also think that a ghost by the name of Elizabeth lives there after she was buried beneath the bar.

Ancient Ram Inn

Dalston Hall

Another hotel which is known for its haunting is the Dalston Hall in Cumbria. The Lady Jane is often seen above the manorial hall wearing a Tudor dress. It was built during the 15th century as a mansion. It is currently a popular tourist location where people can see the orange and red sandstone. Many people also say that they have seen the ghost of a Victorian handyman as they drive to the actual mansion during the night.

Dalston Hall in Cumbria

Elizabethan Talbot Hotel

While in England don’t miss out on the Elizabethan Talbot Hotel. This one contains an oak staircase and other pieces which were transported from the older Fotheringhay Castle ruins. The haunting is supposedly from the Mary Queen of Scots who walked down the famous steps directly to her execution.

Highwayman Inn

Yet another famous haunted hotel you should definitely visit or investigate is the Highwayman Inn in Devon. It was originally founded in the 13th century. It was bought in 1959 and the owner John Jones re-themed the inside to represent a very nautical theme. A door from the Diana ship was used and sailers had apparently died on this ship before it found its home at the inn. The ship got caught in some ice and without food or water many sailors died. Those sailors knew no other life and therefore refused to leave the door. Their souls are contained in it at the Inn.

Weston Manor Hotel

Last, but certainly not least, you should be intrigued by the Weston Manor Hotel in Oxfordshire. It was a monastery during the 11th century. The ghost who haunts it is Sister Maude. She frequently visited the monks there often giving them items or simply affection. She didn’t know any different and one night was caught with a monk in his cell. She got blamed for leading the monk off of his path in life. She was burned at the stake directly outside the monastery while the monk received nothing but a very strict reprimand, which showcased the discrepancy between sexes. She visits the four poster bed in the hotel but means no harm to anyone there.

Eyewitness Accounts at Weston Manor Hotel

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