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Haunted SavannahThe city of Savannah, Georgia, is literally built on its dead. After a series of fires, Civil War battles, famine and plague, there wasn’t any more room for graves – so Savannah’s founders chose to simply build on top of where the dead lay buried. This fact alone makes it a prime target for some very prolific hauntings. It was founded by a man named James Oglethorpe, a freemason who designed the city using the “sacred geometry” well known within this secret society.

Oglethorpe designed it to be made up of several squares; squares known to trap spiritual energy. As a result, Savannah’s violent past made it the home to one of the most haunted cities in America. One such haunting is at 507 East St. Julian Street, what some call the most haunted house in the country.

The Hampton Lillibridge House, which is not in its original location, was bought by Jim Williams and is the site of the murder of Danny Hansford – a story made popular by the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Although Williams was tried five different times for the murder of Hansford, he was never convicted. However, a year later he died in the exact same spot where Hansford was found dead – an act some might call revenge from beyond the grave.


Hampton Lillibridge House – 507 East St. Julian Street


Not only do the spirits of Williams and Hansford still live in the house, but a depressed sailor was also reported to have hanged himself there. Construction workers have seen ghosts of men dressed in black and grey numerous times on its grounds and heard the voices of the deceased. They have also been the subject of attacks, having things thrown at them and doors slammed in their faces. Pictures taken in the third floor have also reportedly had crosses “burned” into the film after being developed. The house is for sale to anyone bold enough to attempt living there.

Another haunted location in Savannah is in the Wright Square, almost directly in the center of the city. This involves the story of a servant named Alice who used to wash her master’s hair. One day, fed up with the way her master treated her, Alice decided that she would kill her master by drowning him while she washed his hair. She was unsuccessful and got caught, ending in her death by hanging. However, Alice was pregnant at the time and her restless spirit became trapped here for eternity. Moss is prevalent on the buildings in Savannah, but it will not grow on the side of the square in which she was hung.

Yet another haunted location in Savannah is at The Pirate’s House, which is now a restaurant – but at the time of its construction in 1754, it was an inn for weary seafarers and nefarious pirates. The Pirate’s House is claimed to be the setting for the beginning of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island by many, and some have reported seeing the ghost of the pirate Captain Flint sitting at tables or stomping around in heavy boots.


The Pirate House


This is only a small sampling of the locations where this city houses the spirits of its dead – and if you’re looking for ghosts in Savannah, you don’t have to walk far. It is said that “even the trees have teeth” because human bones have been found uprooted from the ground and ingrained into the plant life. It seems that every square inch of Savannah is a home to death.

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