Tips For Choosing a Haunted Doll on eBay

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Everyone has seen a doll at some time that just gave them the creeps. Maybe it was a toy you received when you were small that scared you at night or maybe it was something you saw in an antique shop as an adult. These toys just seem to have something ominous about them.

No matter how creepy they are they all seem to find a home on eBay. Haunted dolls are very popular with the online auction crowd. They can be delicate antiques or Barbies from just a few years ago, but what they all have in common is a good story.

This doll is certified by and a rating of B+ haunting. and is for sale at eBay

The story usually involves a child who passed on much too soon. The doll may have been a favorite possession or possibly the child’s new home in the after life. Imagine spending eternity inside a plastic doll.

It doesn’t even have to be a doll, I’ve seen teddy bears, bunnies and especially clowns all haunted and all selling on eBay. Although the dolls are usually harmless and gentle, the other toys can be down right scary.

Teddy bears and other stuffed animals usually have claws and teeth that only come out at night. This makes them interesting companions for the believers out there.

Clowns are the worst type of doll. They can be scary in the most ordinary circumstances, but once you get the idea that they’re haunted they can be terrifying.

The evidence of doll hauntings can differ widely, but they do seem to have some qualities in common. The eyes are said to move in almost every doll haunting, sometimes the head twirls too. The doll often changes expression and can move from room to room. Household pets can be scared of or drawn to the doll or stuffed animal.

Children who come in contact with these dolls report that the dolls can talk to them. Adults sometimes hear these conversations too.

Although haunted dolls are harmless and even protective most of the time, some of them like the clowns, can be sinister and even dangerous.

The story behind your haunted doll is very important. Be sure you understand everything about a doll before you buy one. Most importantly don’t buy a haunted doll just because it’s haunted. Buy it because you love it and want to have it in your home as a companion. This way you can be sure that no matter what type of activity you experience or don’t experience you will still be happy with your purchase and your new friend.

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