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Woodland CemeteryIt is often said that a spirit will remain on the worldly plane if they have unfinished business, or they feel an injustice has been done. If this is true, then the ghost of Dr. Lowry has more than one reason for remaining chained to this earthly realm.

His strange tale involves murder, theft, revenge and mystery. In life the Dr. was a resident of Ironton, Ohio. His strange tale begins with the death of his wife Sarah. When Sarah died the Dr. went to the local undertaker and ordered a very expensive casket. However, when the coffin arrived, Lowry changed his mind and said he did not want the item, refusing to pay He stated that the reason for his change of heart was that the coffin was not perfect; it had a very small chip.

The story continues about two years later when the Dr. Was found dead in his home, and although the weather was very hot, the heat was on in the house. The official cause of his death was a stroke, but many did not believe this and thought that the Dr. had met with foul play. Some thought that the heirs of the Doctor had, in fact, poisoned him.

Woodland Cemetery

In a strange twist of fate the Doctor’s body was taken to the same undertaker that he had offended years earlier. The undertaker in a moment of revenge decided to bury the Dr. In the very coffin that he had spurned. The Dr. was too tall and heavy to fit in the casket so the undertaker took it upon himself to make the Doctor Fit. He broke the Dr. Legs and folded them in and the cut open the Doctor’s stomach removing all of his vital organs.

The tale does not end there. In time the authorities were persuaded to re-open the investigation into the Doctor’s death. They received a permit to exhume the body but when they dug up the remains to examine them for traces of toxins, they were shocked to find that there were no internal organs for them to check. The undertaker was questioned and did confess to what he had done. He even took the investigators to the place where he had disposed of the missing parts. Sadly, for the Doctor, the organs had decayed beyond the point of being useful to the investigators. With no evidence, there was no possible way of determining if Lowry had been poisoned. The case would remain open.

Ever since the time of the Lowry’s death people have been claiming to have seen his ghost moving about the Woodland cemetery and the town library which was built on the site of the Doctor’s old home. It is no wonder that the spirit of the Doctor is said to be restless. Some believe that he remains earth bound trying to find his missing body parts while other believe that he remains to see justice done.

Historical Ghost Walk, Woodland Cemetery

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