Witch Boards and Ouija Boards

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Witch BoardTalking boards, witch boards or spirit boards have been around for centuries. They are one of the most common methods used for trying to communicate with the spirit world. Many claim that they have been able to talk with loved ones who have passed on, and some claim that they have used them successfully to predict the future. Others have used them to locate their spirit guide.

One of the first recorded references of the use of one of these boards dates back to 1100 BC in China. According to ancient texts, they used a type of planchette writing. Planchette writing is similar but it does not use an actual board.

There have also been claims that ancient Greeks and Romans used a form of board to communicate with the spirit world.

Ouija is actually a trademarked name. On February 10 1891, Elijah Bond was issued a patent for the Ouija board. Charles Kennard, Bond’s partner is also listed on the patent. William Fuld took over production of the game in 1901 and changed the name to Ouija. Parker Brothers, who now own the rights to the game and the name, purchased them from the Fuld Estate in 1966.

Where did the name Ouija come from?

There is some real debate about the origins of the name Ouija. Here are three different theories that I have come across:

1) The name is a combination of the French word for yes, which is oui, and the German word for yes, which is ja.

2) The word Ouija is a variation of an Egyptian word meaning good luck. It has even been said that a spirit gave the word to Fuld or Kennard after using one of these boards.

3) It has also been suggested that Fuld had some Spanish speaking friends who pronounced the word Wicca as “wee ha” If you try to spell that sound in English you get something close to Ouija.

Ways to use the Ouija board properly

You do not have to buy a spirit board; you can create your own. Many people use a simpler method to communicate with the spirit world. They use an inverted glass (wine glasses seem to be the most popular) as a pancetta and make a simple letter circle. If you do not have a large piece of cardboard you can simply cut out letters to form a circle, you should also include numbers, ‘yes and no’ squares and the sun and the moon signs.

For those who want to use a witch board bear in mind that they should be approached with an open positive mind.

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3 Responses to “Witch Boards and Ouija Boards”

  1. michael derienzo on November 3rd, 2010 12:44 pm

    ive been reading alot about these boards online and im getting the same info ive already read. im wandering if you would know some of the answeres to the questions im asking? im interested in this because i want to make my own board but i want to do it right. some of the planchettes ive looked at have a hole in the middle of them and others have a hole with what seems to be glass. is this hole a big deal or is it just for looks? Is it glass or is it a crystal to help channel the spirits? does the board itself need to be made of wood or can it be any type of meterial? as far as the design of the boards themselves, is there a certain type that works better then the rest? some of the people ive talked to say that the really good boards have a crystal hanging over the top to dangle freely instead of the common styles of planchettes. this is not common by the looks of all the boards ive seen online. is there a diffrence in the channeling quality this way? im also wandering what the size/shape of the boards should be?or does it really matter? last but not least is there a reason other then storage for the cases? im really hoping that you can answer some if not all of these questions for me so i can get started very soon.

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  2. maddy on January 22nd, 2011 3:47 pm

    once i played this game with my friends house and my friends went down stairs too get their cell phones and the lamp turned off by itself.they screamed of course and then some of the girls upstairs screamed.

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  3. LatTaikathe on June 12th, 2011 10:08 pm

    Hi nice thread we have going here.

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