What Are Shadow People?

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Shadow People

Shadow People Explained

In ancient lore, shadow people are considered to be demons summoned through black magic or similar ritual to wreak havoc on an intended victim. More modern and scientific approaches have attempted to isolate this phenomenon as nothing more than the product of optical illusions.

In addition, yet another explanation attributed to this process is the prospect of hypnagogia. Hypnagogia is a state of mind usually accompanying the process of first awakening. During this period it’s not unusual for an individual to experience something called a waking dream wherein the imagery can take on a sensation of being all too real. [1. Jenkins, G (2005). Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore. Sarasota, FL: Pineapple Press. ISBN 9781561643271. Retrieved 2010-03-31]

In any event, wherein the individual does experience this paranormal event, it should be treated as a very genuine encounter for that individual and as such ought to be respected as an actual haunting or visitation by a spiritual entity. In-other-words don’t be so quick to dismiss the experience that it leaves the individual with more questions than answers or more fear than certainty.

As a rule, shadow people are there to cause havoc, not necessarily physical harm. If physical harm does occur it’s usually the result of the individual’s reaction more so than any direct action of the shadow entity. Their presence is much like a parasite feeding off the negative energy of its host. The closer this entity can get to their host the greater the chaos it can create and feed off of.

What to Expect of Shadow People

To come in contact with a shadow person can be very frightening to the unaware. At first you may get glimpses of them through your peripheral vision as dark silhouettes cast against a light background or you might even see them fleetingly at night, usually as dense black spaces in the dark accompanied by an equally impenetrable feeling of apprehension.

Shadow people may try to make direct contact through a dream or astral projection at some point in order to grant permission for their entry and/or attachment. If you see them in a dream they will generally appear as a dark gray mass of energy with generic human features, i.e. arms, legs, body, head, face, smile, etc. In the case where they do present themselves in this manner, remain calm and demand that they leave your presence immediately without question.

If remaining calm isn’t in your vocabulary at that moment; remember, you’re a sovereign entity capable of accepting or rejecting anything that comes into your life. Shadow people cannot attach to individuals without their express consent, but it should also be mentioned that they are extremely tricky when it comes to obtaining that consent; so, be aware and beware.

Although shadow people cannot attach without permission this shouldn’t be seen to imply that they cannot cause havoc in your immediate environment, they can and will. The silver lining to all this doom and gloom scenario is that that shadow people will not stick around long if they can’t generate enough negative energy to sustain their presence and it does take a lot of energy.

Are There Any Dangers?

The dangers associated with shadow people are very clear and at no time should you ever try to entertain their presence or give them permission to enter your life. The primary aim of a shadow person is to create havoc by whatever means possible and to that effect they can behave much like poltergeists.

Shadow Person Captured On Full Spectrum Camera

Just as poltergeists, shadow people are able to manipulate and create physical manifestations through the use of sound and the movement of physical objects. Shadow people are especially keen to influence electronics in such a way as to cause flickering lights, TV interference, and any other number of electronic anomalies. Their primary goal is to inflict as much stress and fear as possible without causing direct harm.

If direct harm is related to a shadow manifestation chances are this is a malevolent poltergeist or spiritual manifestation and as such, the individual should seek immediate help from a trained professional experienced in the matter of paranormal haunting. Never attempt to handle a haunting of this nature on your own or without the aid of an experienced psychic; the results can be potentially devastating.


1. Shadow people appear as their name indicates, as a dark gray mass of energy with generic human features. They are largely benign in causing physical harm but can wreck havoc on the immediate environment.

2. Differentiating between the natural and the supernatural source of a shadow people experience is not a hard fast rule of science. Treat each reported occurrence as legitimate with careful investigation until proven otherwise.

3. If confronted by a shadow person, never give them permission to enter your life; the results can be very distressing to say the least. Always seek the assistance of a trained paranormal investigator if havoc becomes unmanageable or continues to persist over a long period of time.

22 April 2007 Waverly Hills Shadow Person

Michele Gerard is a Psychic Medium / Healer with over 30 years experience learning from the ground up. With an over 99% accuracy level and given little or no preparatory information, his abilities are truly one of a kind. Through these articles and his blog, [http://mediuminsights.com]http://mediuminsights.com, he is attempting to take away a lot of the mystery and hype surrounding psychic abilities and shadow people with the belief that all of us are psychic by nature and that everyone should seek to find and enhance these abilities as their natural birthright.

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3 Responses to “What Are Shadow People?”

  1. kevin on October 10th, 2011 11:21 pm

    i saw my first shadow person when i was 8. I am 14 right now. I have seen them multiple times after my first encounter. When i was 8 i stared at it for about 10 seconds then ran into my moms room. I was pretty much face to face with it only a few meters apart. once at a friends i saw one in the basement both my friends saw it to. Once i lost my fear of them i pretty much stopped seeing them. what should i make of this? i want to see them again… But i dont want to cause my dog any harm can they hurt her? idc about me i enjoy them.

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  2. Trish on November 9th, 2011 12:17 am

    I am in New Zealand. I am a 51 year old woman.
    i now live alone, still in the family home that i have resided in since 1982. This house was built in 1982 so it is not a old home with history of other residents that have lived here before us.

    For the last 30 years i have been seeing these shadows .
    They have periods when they come and go in my house.
    I am writing this because i think that it maybe helpful to others out there that have seen these shadows and feel alone with what they are / have been experiencing.
    I see these shadows mainly in my house, but sometimes i see them in other peoples homes.
    Since June 2010 i have had sightings of many many MORE shadow things . Of importance which i would like to note in case others read this and feel relief that they are not going crazy .. i would like to mention the DIFFERENT TYPES OF SHADOWS that i have seen here at this house.
    Lately they have been very active in my home. For the past year ( 2011 ) i have been witnessing many of them.
    They come in many forms.

    One of the first forms of Shadows i experienced was the …….

    1/ DARK TALL FIGURE SHAPE …….. of no discerning features just the head, shoulders and a Long black Cape/ Robe looking thing.
    The first time i saw this was one night 20 years ago, when i woke up and saw it standing over my sleeping husband … it was as if the shadow was observing him. The shadow figure then disappeared, and i was left with a feeling of ” what was that ! ” ?
    Its one of those types of experiences that no matter how much i tried to make excuses for what i saw, …… i still instinctively know what i saw.
    Over the last 15 years i have seen this figure again 2 times standing in the upstairs hallway by the entrance of my bedroom door , just standing there, then disappears. Again leaving me with a sense like it was ‘ watching ‘ .
    For some unknowen reason these ones also sometimes leave me with a dreading feeling …. and a definate sense of the unknowen. In the last 3 years i have again seen this type of figure in the hallway and kitchen of my daughter apartment . And once ( 2010 ) while i was parking my car to go into her apartment i saw it at the upstairs bedroom window looking down at me.

    2/ SMALL ANIMAL TYPE SHAPE …… on different occassions we have seen a black ( animal ) shape .. small like a little dog move around mainly the lounge area. When i first told my husband, he said he had seen it too. When i probed him more about it, i was surprised to hear him say he thought it was the ghost of our cat that had then recently passed away. Unbeknowen to him i had privately thought this myself and to hear him say it too , i thought we must both be going crazy ( in a laughable sort of way ) . That was back in 1991. Since then i still see this one now and again. Usually in the same area of the house.
    I was always careful not to mention these experiences to anyone other than my sisters who have had some paranormal / unexplained experiences before. And we would sometimes open up to each other what we had experienced.
    After this, over the years my daughters, who were teenagers at the time, also saw on different occasions these shadow people / things.
    One saw the man shape figure and also the small black blob type one. She said it was following her when she was walking to school. But it would disappear when she tried to look fully at it.
    For a long time my eldest daughter refused to talk about her experiences she had at this house, as she says she gets frightened and would rather pretend that she imagined it. But i know and she knows that what she has seen is something all 3 of us have experienced.
    Lately this year (2011) she has admitted that she sees the tall figure now and again that she also saw ( him ) …. ( we have all felt it is Male ) at 2 of the houses that she has been living in since she left the family home.

    3/ DARK ‘ BLOB’ type SHADOWS … ( approximately 14 inches high and 14 inches wide ) …. sometimes they resemble a dark ‘ ball ‘ type shape. These ones i see lots of times, and are very common in my house.
    These move erratically around the room on ground level. Sometimes they sort of jump. When this first happened to me, i was sitting on my lounge chair watching television and i was aware that i saw it moving 3 times that night around the room, but suddenly it moved fast toward me and jumped onto the arm of my lounge chair. This scared me enough that i reacted quickly and tried to throw my arm away from it . It disappeared, but i was left feeling frightened and it took me awhile to try to compose myself.
    After this i was determined that if it did it again, .. i was not going to jump away, and i was just going to ignore it. This takes alot of inner strength. And it has taken me many experiences to have been strong enough to try this.
    Part of why i have decided to do this is because i do not wish to leave my home, and so i have come to some sort of silent acceptance to ignore them and that i have to learn to except that for some reason they share my space and acceptance of this may help me to live here as peacefully as possible.
    Please note that these blob shapes DONOT roll over the floor .They move as if sort of floating maybe 2 inches from the ground. They sometimes sort of zig zag in a playful type manner. And sometimes they move fast .
    Of mention here also is the SMALL BLOB LIKE SHADOWS THAT PEEP AROUND CORNERS as if observing you. They quickly try to disappear once they are noticed. With these ones you are left with the distinct feeling they were watching or rather peeping at you out of CURIOSITY . The feeling i get from these ALSO is almost like there behaviour is similar to mischievious almost cheeky children … strange i know, but i feel it is important that i mention this.

    4/ SHORT BLACK FIGURES 3 -4- 5 foot black figures, like a broad shouldered type of small man. I have seen this one 3 times walk from one side of my kitchen to the other side. This one i have seen face on , and other times i have had to turn to see who is walking behind me while i am at the kitchen bench. This one moves like a small man just passing through as if on some agenda of his own. I dont see features .. eyes etc, but i see the head, shoulders and a very lighter shade of movement like his arms moving as he walks.
    The sense i get of this one is he is going about his own business. Again strange. I do get alittle afraid of this one, but i think it is mainly because it is of a figure shape.

    Large enough to be aware of them, and they are very VERY ACTIVE , especially if the room is dimly light with 2 lounge lamps on. These shadows sort of flash along and off the walls. They also flash and move along the ceiling. They move very fast . They sort of annoy me as they distract me alot when i am trying to concentrate on what i am doing at the time. These ones have been very very common in my house lately (2011) I have decided in my mind that these ones are some sort of loose energy …. as they seem to behave in that manner .
    I also notice that my lights flicker alot when these ones are around.

    These ones move or run very fast …. usually of 3 to 4 feet high . They usually
    ‘ RUN ‘ when you come around a corner and disturb them. Sometimes when they run pass you , it is possible to still see them moving fast 2 metres past you. Sometimes they are figure like , sometimes blob like , and sometimes thin figure like.

    This is just some of the experiences that myself and members of my family have experienced here in this house. I hope that this is helpful to others who maybe experiencing the above of what i have mentioned.
    I may add another post on here about other ways i have learned to cope with these shadows, but i think i may have written too much on this already.

    Please note that these shadows i have mentioned above , i have never seen any facial features on the figure type shadows … only the shape of a head or a robe covered head and shoulders , but a definate full figure shape WITHOUT arms and legs but i am able to see it moving as if walking or they just stand still and observe. The other types of shadows also dont have features other than the shape of a animal or they are streaks or blobs.

    HOPE THIS IS HELPFUL TO SOMEONE, as it is not nice being to afraid who to tell this too, without the very real sense of being thought of as crazy and being in need of some psycological help.

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  3. admin on November 9th, 2011 10:29 am

    Thanks Trish for all the info and personal insight. Very interesting.


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