Ghost at Wem Town Hall

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Bright searing flames engulfed the town hall. The heat was intense. Firemen and police forced the crowds back from the blaze, so people gathered across the street to watch. One spectator, Tony O’Rahilly took out his camera and began to take pictures of the fire. But what actually showed up on his roll of film would amaze and astound people all over the world.

In the stairway of the hall there appears to be the figure of a young girl. Nobody, saw this girl at the scene of the of the fire. And how was she able to get so close to such an intense fire? And if nobody saw her, how is it that she appeared on Tony’s film?

Many believe that this is the ghost of a young girl named Jane Churm. According to local accounts Jane Churm had accidentally started a fire in the town of Wem in the year 1677. It is said that she dropped a candle and that the thatched roof of her house caught. The fire then quickly spread to many of the town’s houses and buildings, many of which were made of wood.

Sources are sketchy about the actual fire and the damage done. One reference claims the fire caused 23 677 pounds worth of damage. It has also been said that the fire in the town burned so hot that the village church bells melted and had to be re-cast. Some claim that Jane herself was a victim of the fire and now haunts the town hall.

The photograph has been studied by many different sources. There has been no evidence of tampering or altering. Sceptics, however claim that the image is just a strange combination of light, shadows and smoke.
Is it all just a trick of the light? Or is it the ghost of Jane, come back to another fire?

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  1. josh on January 11th, 2010 10:20 am

    dammms dats scary u c dat person jus out of no were…..i will hate 2 b in der…

    bt it looks kinda cool except for da part wen dey scare u

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