Do Ghosts Exist? Insights From a Professional Ghost Researcher

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Do ghosts exist? That’s the most popular question asked about ghosts and haunted places.

The answer isn’t simple. Science and spirituality are important to any discussion about ghosts and hauntings. Whether or not you believe in ghosts may depend on your personal experiences, how well you can remain calm and logical in an eerie setting, and your religious background.

Many people want to believe after experiencing something strange. They saw, heard, or felt something that they couldn’t describe, except as an encounter with a spirit or ghost. Soon, they’re checking paranormal websites, reading ghost books, going on ghost tours, and looking for nearby haunts to explore.

They usually find more questions than answers.

So far, no one can prove that ghosts are real, or that they’re not real. All anyone can say is that something odd is going on at some haunted places.

If ghosts are real, they’re the best way to explain what happens at places such as the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, the Spalding Inn in New Hampshire, and the Falstaff Experience in England’s Stratford-upon-Avon.

However, most ghostly encounters aren’t as dramatic as what occurs at those famous haunts.

For example, many people wonder if their homes are haunted. Doors may seem to open and close by themselves. A television might turn itself on or off, or even change channels and volume, when no one is in the room. People sometimes feel an unexplained draft, or they feel sad, scared or angry for no apparent reason.

There can be logical explanations for all of those events, and those must be ruled out before deciding that ghosts are real and the home is haunted.

TV shows may influence viewers. They start looking at odd events and wonder if they might be caused by ghosts or even demons. That can be frightening, until they understand what’s really going on. It might be a ghost, but it might be something far simpler.

Most ghost researchers will tell you that about 80% of “haunted” houses aren’t troubled by ghosts at all. Those homes are rarely shown on TV because they’re not as sensational as those with real paranormal energy.

Even ardent believers in hauntings will admit that there is no scientific proof of ghosts. However, they’ll also share experiences that can only be explained as a ghostly encounter.

Do ghosts exist? Are ghosts real?

All we know is that something is going on in many “haunted” places, and — so far — we can’t find a normal, scientific explanation for it. That’s why ghost hunters keep looking.

AUTHOR: Fiona Broome is a respected professional ghost hunter. Her website,, is one of the most popular resources for ghost enthusiasts. Ms. Broome has been featured on radio and TV shows and in magazines, especially at Halloween. Her recent books include “Is My House Haunted?” and “Ghost Hunting in Haunted Cemeteries.” Visit for free information about investigating any house that might be haunted.

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2 Responses to “Do Ghosts Exist? Insights From a Professional Ghost Researcher”

  1. hari on February 22nd, 2011 6:39 am

    actually i have to know that the ghost is really exist or not………………………………i have seen many videos regarding to this sub…………………..there is any real stories of ghost………..i’vd like to make a report about this so plz ans me and send me stories and videos of this paranormal activities……………………..thank u……….

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  2. Xara on April 23rd, 2011 4:42 am

    Well,to be honest, I don’t really believe in ghosts,but there are times when some real odd things occur.For example,sometimes I hear someone breathing when there’s no one around me.I swear it scares the hell out of me,I also tried to stop breathing for some seconds in order to make out if it is me who’s breathing or someone else that I don’t see ;maybe a ghost or something.
    I also hear some noises when sleeping,but I guess it’s just me making them up but still, I feel something’s not right..Anyway,I consider those “ghost stories” of some people fake,because ghosts don’t really exist and the alleged evidence in some pics that “show” spirits,ghosts or whatever is some real shit,which I personally do not believe.

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