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Key West is home to a real life “Chucky” doll. The doll was given to artist Robert Otto in 1904 by a servant who practiced voodoo. Robert named the doll after himself and blamed all bad events on the doll. To most people Robert the doll gave off a very bad vibe but not to Otto, in fact, he loved the doll so much that it became a conflict between he and his wife who insisted the doll be kept in the attic. Instead the doll was given his own bedroom where strange occurrences took place. Local children became terrified to walk past the home because they were convinced the doll would watch and actually mock them on the street below. A plumber in the home once swore he heard the doll laugh and noticed that every time he passed the room the doll would be in different areas.

Robert, the possessed doll, is now on display in the East Marello Museum where he continues to spook those who visit. The doll is housed within a display case and yet the doll’s toy lion mysteriously moves from one knee to the other. Knocks can be heard from behind the glass where he sits. It is also said that cameras stop working only when near Robert – some believing the doll itself prevents pictures from being taken.

Robert the Haunted Doll Videos

Robert The Haunted Doll

Author Heather Graham talks about the real-life doll that inspired the “Chucky” horror movies.

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