Do Ghosts Exist? Insights From a Professional Ghost Researcher

May 9, 2010 by  
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Do ghosts exist? That’s the most popular question asked about ghosts and haunted places.

The answer isn’t simple. Science and spirituality are important to any discussion about ghosts and hauntings. Whether or not you believe in ghosts may depend on your personal experiences, how well you can remain calm and logical in an eerie setting, and your religious background.

Many people want to believe after experiencing something strange. They saw, heard, or felt something that they couldn’t describe, except as an encounter with a spirit or ghost. Soon, they’re checking paranormal websites, reading ghost books, going on ghost tours, and looking for nearby haunts to explore.

They usually find more questions than answers.

So far, no one can prove that ghosts are real, or that they’re not real. All anyone can say is that something odd is going on at some haunted places. Read more

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