Jonah’s Rod Encounter in our Backyard! Skyfish Phenomenon Paranormal Aliens Cryptozoology

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On November 9, 2010, I was taking video of my son and caught a mysterious rod-like creature in the video. My son and I didn’t see anything with the naked eye. The creature was discovered later by my husband when we were looking at the film frame by frame on our computer. The image shows 4 still frames and a zoomed in version of the creature.


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Are Orbs Paranormal? 3 Strong Reasons to Prove the Spiritual Nature of Orbs

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Orbs, like ghosts, are another subject for hot debate. Skeptics do not see anything paranormal about orbs. They explain orbs away by saying that they are a collection of vapor and dust particles, formed in nature. Others claim that orbs exist, but explain that they are the results of a technical mistake in the film or camera. However, these explanations do not hold true for every orb. Several paranormal researchers claim that spirits can manifest as orbs.

Are orbs really a natural phenomenon? Or is there anything psychic about them? Believers in the paranormal have absolutely no doubts that orbs belong to the spiritual dimension. Although there isn’t any strong evidence to prove once and for all that orbs are spiritual, one can put forth at least 3 strong arguments in favor of orbs being a paranormal phenomenon. Read more

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