Haunted Cemetery – Woodland Cemetery & Doctor Lowry

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Woodland CemeteryIt is often said that a spirit will remain on the worldly plane if they have unfinished business, or they feel an injustice has been done. If this is true, then the ghost of Dr. Lowry has more than one reason for remaining chained to this earthly realm.

His strange tale involves murder, theft, revenge and mystery. In life the Dr. was a resident of Ironton, Ohio. His strange tale begins with the death of his wife Sarah. When Sarah died the Dr. went to the local undertaker and ordered a very expensive casket. However, when the coffin arrived, Lowry changed his mind and said he did not want the item, refusing to pay He stated that the reason for his change of heart was that the coffin was not perfect; it had a very small chip. Read more

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Our Best EVP Footage EVER! PSB7 SB7 Spirit Box Ghost Box CON-TACT Paranormal

Join Bill Paranorbill Connelly, Chris Conlon, Christie Weber & Adam Strahley the CON-TACT Paranormal Research Team as they use the new PSB7 Spirit Box Ghost Box. The video is real-time communication between the CON-TACT Team and the other side. These 2 clips are from 2 recent investigations in April 2010. You will be AMAZED at what will hear. Nothing in these video’s have been altered or tampered with in anyway. These are 100% real spirit communication through this amazing device. PLEASE USE Headphones for best listening quality.

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Haunted Lighthouses – The St. Augustine Lighthouse

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The St. Augustine Lighthouse sits on the north end of Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, Florida. The current tower, which was built in 1874, rises to 165 feet above sea level. The original lighthouse, built in 1824, was approximately 500 yards northeast of the current lighthouse. Due to the receding shoreline, it fell into the ocean back in 1880.

Throughout its early history, the lighthouse employed up to three lightkeepers at a time. There was a head keeper and two assistants. In 1955, when the lighthouse was automated, there was no longer a need for lightkeepers and the last one left at that time. The lightkeepers, who would actually live on site, were replaced by lamplighters, who would tend the light but didn’t actually live there.

According to the lighthouse’s official website, there have been seven people who have died on the lighthouse grounds: three lightkeepers, a keeper’s wife and three young girls. Several of these are said to have died of natural causes. One man fell to his death from the original lighthouse in 1859, and the three girls died in a tragic drowning accident.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Tour in Pictures

The lighthouse and its surrounding buildings have a long history of paranormal activity and stories of the hautings have been passed on and have been featured in popular television shows, books, and local lore for decades. Visitors and workers say they have seen moving shadows and heard voices along with unexplained sounds. Some tour guides claim they hear someone climbing the tower steps, but the footfalls fade away, and no one is ever there at the top of the tower. There is also said to be a little girl who likes to play pranks residing in the keeper’s house, a tall man in the basement, and a spirit who likes to play with the merchandise in the gift shop. One former keeper was infamous for enjoying his cigars. Today, the scent of his cigar can still be detected several times a week.

Several employees have reportedly seen a hazy male figure walking through the lighthouse. Footsteps from an unseen presence can be heard shuffling on the gravel and the steps outside the lighthouse. Other reports are of a woman seen on the lighthouse stairway or walking in the yard outside the buildings.

Perhaps the most famous tragic story is that of three young girls who died during the construction of the second lighthouse. The story says that there was a rail car or some type of vehicle that went from the light station to the ocean. The children liked to play on it and ride on it for fun. On July 10, 1873, the cart somehow ended up in the water. Five children fell into the water and some of the Workers managed to save a boy and a girl. Two of the construction superintendent’s daughters, Mary and Eliza, and a young black girl, either a servant or the daughter of a worker, drowned.

It’s said that today, the girls can be heard laughing in the tower late at night. The eldest of the construction superintendent’s daughters, Mary, has also been spotted wearing the same blue velvet dress and blue hair bow she was wearing when she died. Reports also say that the the figures of two little girls can sometimes be seen standing on the lighthouse catwalk.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Hunt

For years there have been reports of a large dark, male spirit that hangs around the water collecting cisterns in the basement. Supposedly he was a sailor or a former lightkeeper who hung himself in the lighthouse in the 1930’s. According to the lighthouse’s website, there isn’t any proof or evidence that anyone ever hung him/herself there.

History says that the original owner of the lighthouse was forced to sell it to the government in 1865 because it was believed that the land under the lighthouse was receding and the ocean would eventually swallow it. The state offered to buy the lighthouse for alot less than it was worth and he refused to sell. The government then threatened to take the lighthouse via eminent domain and give him nothing. At this point, the former owner was outraged and vowed never to leave the lighthouse. Lighthouse staff say he seems to have kept his vow as his spirit is sometimes seen late at night walking in and around the property.

One of my favorite episodes of Ghost Hunters was filmed at the St. Augustine Lighthouse. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) stopped by to see if they could prove or disprove any of the hauntings. During the episode, they caught a few interesting things on both video and audio. There was a female voice that seemed to say “help me” a few times on the audio recording. The video camera captured a dark figure moving really quickly up the circular staircase and then stopping to look over the railing down at the camera crew from the top floor. The figure then disappeared. When Jason and Grant went to investigate, they realized the door at the top which would be the only exit was padlocked from the inside. There was also a motion detection light that never came on until the TAPS guys got up there. Overall, with the evidence they captured, the guys determined that they really couldn’t prove the place wasn’t haunted.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is currently owned and maintained by the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, Inc. The lighthouse is operational and is is an official, privately-owned, active aid to navigation. The museum is open to the public and the admission price funds preservation of the lighthouse and programs in maritime archeology and education. The lighthouse offers night tours of the site, though they don’t promise any ghosts.

Author: Denise Villani is an author and the webmaster of several websites and article directories. Find more articles and information on haunted stuff by visiting HauntedStuff.net.

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Top 5 Haunted Hotels in England

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Haunted houses are a very successful tourist location but haunted hotels have even more exposure because more people have lived in them for time periods which can lead to more interesting stories and experiences for visitors.

Ancient Ram Inn

One of the most haunted hotels in all of England is the Ancient Ram Inn which was built in the year 1145. The sights are perfect for a haunted location with bare walls, dim areas, musty smells, and old creaking floorboards. The current owner, John Humphries, saved it from destruction in 1968 when he bought it for 2,600 pounds. Many TV and radio personalities have visited the location along with paranormal investigators who bring their technical equipment to pick up on strange activity. Odd smells, locked doors slamming themselves, and water pools randomly appearing are things that John frequently deals with. Many people also think that a ghost by the name of Elizabeth lives there after she was buried beneath the bar. Read more

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Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost

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Marilyn Monroe, is one of the biggest stars ever created by Hollywood. Her life tragically ended before her time. Suicide, accident, or other? The world may never know. What is known about her life is that she did have a fascination with the occult. She was known to have consulted physic to the stars, Kenny Kingston on a number of occasions. In death, her ghost is said to have been seen in a number of locations.

Marilyn is buried in Westwood Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles. This cemetery is the final resting place for many of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities. Natalie Wood, Orson Welles, Rudolph Valentino, and Walter Mathau are among the celebrities resting here. But while most of the people are resting, it is said that Marilyn is not one of them. According to some, her restless ghost has been spotted a number of times near her grave stone. Read more

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Mansfield Reformatory

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There are many places that claim to be haunted and to have paranormal activity, but few can compare to Mansfield Reformatory. Not only does the number of strange occurrences reported make it stand out, but also the large number of individual ghosts that seem to keep reappearing to investigators and visitors.

Construction on Mansfield Reformatory began in 1886, but due to funding problems and delays the building was not ready to house inmates until 1896. Even though the prison was officially open it was not finished. One-hundred and fifty prisoners arrived at the prison and were recruited to help with the final stages of construction. Between the time of its opening at its official closure in 1984 the prison saw more than its fair share of deaths and tragic events. [Read More …]

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Ridges Graveyard – Asylum Cemeteries

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A neat and orderly graveyard where all the headstones are in lines. Row upon row, upon row. What makes this graveyard stand out? Maybe it is the fact that there are no names on most of the stones, only numbers. Or maybe it is the ring of graves off to the side. Or maybe it is the number of strange sightings that have been seen in this cemetery.

This is what you can expect to find if you visit the Ridges Graveyard in Athens, Ohio. It is reputed to be one of the most haunted areas in the world. Why would this cemetery be any more haunted than any other cemetery? Perhaps it has to do with the people who are buried here.

These people died within the walls of The Athens Mental Hospital. They were all patients. While they were alive they would have been subjected to numerous treatments that were to help them ‘get well’. Sadly, many of these treatments were not just horrific, many of them rendered the patient worse off than when they started. In fact, some of the treatments were often even deadly. When patients did die and were buried, they simply put a number on the headstone. No name or date, just a number. [Read More …]

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Real Ghost Activity in a Haunted House

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According to the author of this video, it may be the best evidence to date that orbs can be perceptive intelligent spiritual energies rather than the sceptical view that they are dust.

The video is somewhat compelling and also contains some interesting photos. The author states that reason why the particular room in the video is so active is that the home – circa 1953 was built partly over an early 18th century farmhouse. [Read More …]

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Leap Castle – Ten Most Haunted Places

Located in Northern Ireland this castle has been the site of many strange happenings. Built in about 1250, the castle’s purpose was to guard the pass from Slieve Bloom to Munster. Its history is riddled with tales of battles, torture and horror. [Read More …]

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Bell Farm – Ten Most Haunted Places

One of the oldest known haunted sites in the US is the Bell farm. Located in Adams Tennessee, strange things and ghosts have been appearing since the Bell family built its home there in the late 1800’s.

The first reported incident is when John Bell encountered a strange animal in his field, a cross between a rabbit and a dog. After this time the encounters escalated with numerous members of the family being assaulted by a spirit. The incidents escalated to the point where the family asked friends and neighbours for help. The friends and neighbors then also experienced being approached and often assaulted by the malevolent ghost. It is even claimed that the future President General Jackson came to the farm to offer assistance whereby members of his group also encountered the spirit. [Read More …]

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