Lemp Mansion – Haunted or Cursed?

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Lemp MansionEvery year thousands of people flock to the Lemp mansion in St. Louis, Missouri in an effort to see a ghost or witness some kind of paranormal activity. This home has been the subject of countless paranormal investigations and many of them have resulted in positive findings. There have been sightings of ghosts, orbs and EVP readings. There have also been reports of strange noises and temperature fluctuations.

The question of interest here is not if the house is haunted, but rather is the home cursed?

Lemp mansion is believed by many to be cursed and not merely haunted. To understand the situation in this particular story a person has to go back to the first incident.

At the turn of the century, William Lemp was a prominent businessman in St. Louis, who seemed to be on top of the world. However, that was all to change very quickly. In 1901 William’s son, Frederick died of a heart attack, and it is said that William never got over the unexpected death of his son. In fact, he became so despondent that he took his own life. William woke up on the morning of February the 13th 1904 and shot himself in the head.

The questions that many people ask are:

  • Was William really that upset or were there other factors involved in his decline?
  • Was the house the cause of his continued depression?
  • Was there something in the home that fueled his feelings?
  • Are William and the other ghosts being forced to remain in the home?

There are a number of things, which are said to cause curses:

A Deliberate Curse.

This kind of curse is one that is cast or placed upon a person or an object by another person. These kinds of curses can last for generations, depending upon the curse and the power of the caster. A curse of this nature is often considered to be the work of voodoo or black magic.

It is thought that some curses are of such power that they will affect not only those that are living, but those who have passed on. There is some belief that a person who is cursed in life may continue to suffer the effects long after their death. A commonly heard curse is that of a spirit being condemned to remain until a wrong has been righted.

Natural Places of Power.

There is one line of thought that suggests all over the planet, there are certain places, which are like magnets. These spots are a focus for spirits both good and evil. They draw power to them.

Un-natural Places of Power.

This is an area which has in the past been used as a portal. A person or a group of people opened a portal or doorway to the spirit world. They may have been using it for good or for evil purposes, but the doorway has remained open.

If you believe that the Lemp Mansion is cursed, what caused the curse? Was William the target of a curse that has followed his family for generations? Is the home built on a site of power?

After the death of William, the family suffered tragedy after tragedy. The Lemp Mansion is no longer in their possession, but it is believed that many of the family now haunt the home. Are they a part of the curse? Are the spirits of the Lemps remaining because of a curse? These questions have yet to be answered, but maybe with continued investigation and study, they will be.

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The first reported incident is when John Bell encountered a strange animal in his field, a cross between a rabbit and a dog. After this time the encounters escalated with numerous members of the family being assaulted by a spirit. The incidents escalated to the point where the family asked friends and neighbours for help. The friends and neighbors then also experienced being approached and often assaulted by the malevolent ghost. It is even claimed that the future President General Jackson came to the farm to offer assistance whereby members of his group also encountered the spirit. [Read More …]

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Annie Palmer came to the Island in about 1820 as the wife of sugar plantation owner John Palmer. Far from being a kind and generous woman Annie is portrayed as evil incarnate. It is said that she killed all three of her husbands in mysterious methods. She also had numerous slave lovers from whom she learned the arts of voodoo and black magic. Most strange of all is that all of her lovers simply disappeared. [Read More …]

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It is said that no less than 12 ghosts haunt this plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Rumours and legends surround the old house which is now on the Register of Historic Places.

Among these legends is the haunted mirror. Tradition says that at the time of someone’s death in a house all mirrors should be covered. For some unknown reason one mirror in the home was missed. It is said that the spirits of Sara Woodruff and two of her children are trapped within the mirror. Today many say they have seen hand prints on the mirror which are claimed to be those of the trapped spirits. [Read More …]

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Raynham Hall Ghost – Lady in Brown

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It was very late, the old house was dark and still. The sea Captain was making his way back to his room. As he and two friends proceeded down the hallway they saw a lady wearing a brown dress and carrying a lantern coming towards them. They moved aside to let her pass. As she glided by she turned towards them and gave them an evil grin. It was then that the three men realised they were not looking at a woman at all, they were facing a ghost. The Captain quickly drew his pistol and fired. The woman promptly disappeared and the bullet harmlessly entered the wall behind where she had just been standing.

The ghost? The famous Lady in Brown. The shooter, well known novelist, Captain Frederick Marryat. [Read More …]

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