Frankenstein Castle

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Haunted Castle? Atop a hillside near Darmstadt, Germany looms the infamous Castle Frankenstein. Not the home of Mary Shelley’s monster, but maybe the inspiration? This castle was once the home of a scientist/ physician who did conducted strange and weird experiments.

The castle itself dates back to the 1200’s. Today, however most of it lays in ruin. Areas of the castle that do remain include, the chapel and one of its towers. The castle’s diverse and strange history, have seen the castle used as both a prison and an asylum. But, the truly fascinating tales and legends revolve around one of it’s previous tenants.

The man’s name was Johann Konrad Dippel, who often went by the sir-name Frankenstein. Johann was born in 1673 and had trained as both a physician and a scientist. As a man, Johann was notorious for his outspokenness and opinions. In fact, his opinions of church and religion landed him in prison for the crime of heresy. [Read More …]

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