Types of Ghosts

There are different ways to classify ghosts or spirits. Many people who have not had a lot of experience with ghosts just lump them all together. But there are major differences. The first important thing to recognize is whether or not the spirit is even human. Not all spectres or apparitions are. Many people claim that they have seen animals, orbs or even vehicles.

Ghosts or apparitions that are human in nature may appear transparent or as a kind of swirling mist. Nevertheless, if you see one you can easily recognize that it was once a living human being. It often has very clear facial features allowing people to make positive identification as to who the ghost was in life.

Many ghost hunters like to classify “human specters” by the way that they behave. Some hunters refer to playful mischievous ghosts as poltergeists. They also base their typing on whether or not the ghost is interactive, or oblivious to what is going on around them. Ghost hunters also like to take into account why the ghost might be appearing. Are they seeking justice, are they trying to warn someone of danger or are they simply lost.

Animal Ghosts

Horses are one of the most common forms of animal ghosts. They are often seen been either ridden or pulling carriages. Dog and cats are often seen appearing with the person who owned them in life. There have also been some accounts of animals appearing to warn people of danger.

There is even one very popular legend about the last wild bear in England. This ghost bear is said to haunt the area near Verdley Woods.

Paranormal Vehicles

Many people who claim to have seen a ghost are actually talking about paranormal activity. People claim to have seen all manner of vehicles. Many of which have not involved “human specters” at all. Some people claim to have seen ghost cars which appear at the scene of tragic accidents but have no driver. Another popular form of paranormal phenomena is that of a boat. The most famous boat is probably the Flying Dutchman.

There have also been claims of planes and trains being sighted and heard. For example, Lincoln’s funeral train is said to be seen every year on the tracks. Although there is a ghost crew, nobody has yet claimed to have seen Lincoln on board.


These are said to be the energy or life force of a spirit. Some people believe that an orb may contain the life force of more than one person at a time. They appear as glowing round balls. These have been seen moving in direct lines with apparent objectives. This differs greatly from a dust ball or speck which just floats randomly. These orbs often hover near living creatures and have the ability to go through solid objects like doors and floors.

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