Tips For Taking Ghost Pictures

Once you have found a good ghost hunting location it is time to break out the camera. There are a few basic things to keep in mind when trying to photograph ghosts. Many times people capture things on film that they feel are strange or eerie, but which turn out to be nothing more than pollen, water spots, or reflections. To avoid confusing these everyday things with something truly supernatural there are certain tips you can try.

  • You can either use a digital or a film camera. But keep in mind that it is easier to manipulate or discredit a digital photo. If you are planning to use a 35mm then use a film rated 400 or higher. Better yet and if possible use more than one camera.
  • Before even taking your camera out make sure that you have brought extra batteries and film. Then make sure that your camera is in good working condition. Clean the lens. You do not want an old fingerprint coming out on your pictures.
  • Bring a notebook with you and record the time, date and place that you are taking your pictures. Do this even if your camera has a built in date feature. You should also record the weather since snow, rain, lightening, unexpected gusts of wind and moisture can be deceiving on the actual prints.
  • If you are indoors look around the room and see where the light sources are coming from. You might even want to record this in your notebook. Try and get the brightest light sources behind you. Even something as simple as having the light at an angle will often cause distortions.
  • While you are looking around the room check for anything that could cause strange reflections, or cause weird lighting effects. Look for mirrors, windows, TVs or metal surfaces. This is especially important if you are using a flash. One of the big advantages to using a digital camera is that you can take test photos that can be seen immediately. If you have a digital camera, take a bunch of “control” pictures and then look at your shots and check for odd reflections.
  • It is very important that there is no smoke in the area. Either from people, candles or other sources, this will often cause strange effects on your film.
  • If you are taking outdoor photos be sure to note all possible influences on your pictures. Is it pollen season? Are there a lot of bugs around? Street lights, headlights and road signs may affect your pictures. Take careful note of all the activity in the area, joggers, people walking dogs, anything that might potentially be seen in your pictures.
  • Remember, never take pictures through glass. Open the window or go outside, before trying to get any shots.
  • And lastly, be careful if there is someone else using a flash near you. You do not want to pick up their flash.

If you want to be truly successful in capturing ghosts on film you should take some time and learn a bit about basic photography. You also want to be certain that you learn how to work your camera and all it’s features properly before starting out on your hunting expedition.

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