Setting Up Your First Ghost Hunting Kit

If you want to start exploring hunted houses and chasing ghosts you are gong to need to have certain equipment. A good ghost hunter goes to a site with a well prepared investigating kit. They are not hard to put together and you do not need to buy a lot of the really expensive items that are selling on the market.

The first thing to purchase is something to put all your kit items in. Many hunters like to use a backpack, while others prefer a suitcase or briefcase. Either one will do because they are light and are easy to move. When you first start out you are probably going to be moving around a lot, so it is a good idea to make sure that you can pick up and move quickly.

You should have the following items within your kit:

Flashlight. And if your kit is big enough – take a spare one. It is really nice to have a hand crank LED one as a back-up. Many paranormal hunters have said that their flashlight batteries have suddenly gone dead on site.

Camera. Digital or film it does not make any difference. Nevertheless, whichever one you choose you should take the time to find out exactly how it works and how to take the best possible pictures. You also have to be certain that you have extra film or memory. In addition to your camera, you may also want to bring a video recorder.

Batteries. You should always make sure that you have back-up batteries for everything in your kit. Moreover, be certain that you check these batteries. You do not want to discover on a hunt that your back-ups are drained and/or faulty.

Notebook and Pens. Beyond the obvious, these are also great for keeping track of anything that is said or to make special notes to yourself about things you want to check or further investigate.

Recording Device. When you are first starting out do not go overboard. All you need is a simple device, which will allow you to record sounds at the site.

Toolkit. Just a very small basic one. Better to be prepared then to discover, for instance, that while you are on a hunt that you need a screwdriver to change the batteries in your recorder or video camera.

Measuring Tape. Useful to mark and record accurate distances. Write down your results or take pictures of the tape measure.

Temperature Gauge. You may want to be able to detect changes in the temperatures around you or to make note of temperature changes.

EMF. Electro Magnetic Field Detector. These are used to detect spirit energy. There is a wide range of these on the market but a basic one should suffice for those just starting their kit.

It is important to make sure that you have a checklist of all the things in your kit. You do not want to leave anything behind when you set out or if you have to leave a site in a hurry. It would also be beneficial that before you go hunting to spend some time learning how to operate all your equipment. You do not need to be trying to figure out how to read an EMF accurately while on a hunt and in the dark. The last important thing to remember about your paranormal kit is that you check to make certain that everything is in working order before you go hunting. You should check everything, before every hunt.

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