Ghost Communication Techniques

Throughout the ages people have been seeking to find ways of contacting the spirit world. Here are some of the ways and/or tools that experts claim they have been able to successfully communicate with ghosts.


A séance consists of a group of people who gather together to attempt to communicate with the other side. Séances are most commonly held with all members sitting in a circle holding hands. Candles are often used because they are said to attract spirits.

In most séances there is one person who acts as the “medium” or leader. This is the person who usually communicates with the ghosts. It does not have to be an experienced person but it is recommended that the person in charge be receptive to physic energy.


If you want to have a more personal experience talking to a ghost, you might want visit a medium or channeller. You might also find this useful if you do not think that you are able to contact ghosts on your own or are fearful of doing so directly.

A medium will often try to enter into a trance or semi-conscious state in order to establish a link between them and the spirit world. Often a channeller will offer to let the spirit talk through them directly to the person who is seeking guidance.


Many people claim that you can talk to spirits or ghosts through simple meditation. If you are already a practitioner of meditation than making the transition to spirit talking should be fairly easy.

To prepare yourself to talk to ghosts you must first be in a position to listen. Clear your mind and your thoughts. You might want to light a candle and use it as a focus. Many people who meditate use the candle as a center to block out all other thoughts or stresses that are occurring in their life. Candles are also said to attract ghosts so they perform a dual purpose.

Once you have cleared a path, you are ready to ask the spirit world to respond.

Witch Board

Ouija Boards or Witch Boards

Witch boards and variations have been around for thousands of years. The small piece of wood on which fingers are placed is known as a planchette. In China a form of pancetta writing was used since 1200 BC.

Ouija is actually a trademark name, which is owned by Parker Brothers. The trademark board has been around for less than 200 years.


This is one of the oldest methods for communicating with spirits. The person holding the pendulum usually asks simple yes or no questions. The pendulum will swing side to side for a negative answer or a front to back motion for a positive one. The greater the swing the more affirmative the answer. If the answer is unclear or uncertain, either the pendulum will remain motionless or it will spin in circles.

Can anyone see and talk to ghosts? Many believe that this is indeed the case. You just have to start by learning how to listen.

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