Getting Rid of a Ghost

You have a ghost in the house. And for whatever reason you and your family want it gone. There are many different ways that you can go about getting an unwanted spectre out of your house and out of your life. The first thing you should do is to look at all your options as a family and decide as a unit which ones you are most comfortable with. You should also take a close look at the type of ghost you have. Is it truly evil and harmful or is it merely annoying and frightening at times? Are you and your family in any kind of danger?

Some people want to try to tackle the spirit alone and try to communicate their wishes to it. Other people due to religious beliefs and convictions may want to try other routes.

Some of the methods available are as follows:


In this method you get a natural broom and start in the corner of your house that is furthest from the door. You are literally going to sweep the ghost out. Every inch of your house including all areas with carpets. As you sweep you are going to keep telling the ghost that you want it to leave and that it may not return. Sweep right out the door so that end up outside. Once you have finished sweeping light a candle in each room of the house. Be sure to clean and dry the broom before you bring it back into the house or better yet, burn it.


Many people have found that it is often enough to simply to get a member of their local religious belief to come and bless the home.


This is an old Native American Custom. You light and burn sage as you walk through the house. During your walk you want to say some kind of a manta like “We do not want you here, go in peace.” To be effective, you want to be sure that you spread the sage smoke within every room in the house and that you also keep repeating your mantra.

Cleanse Your Home

To do this properly is going to take a lot of work and time on your part. Everything must be cleaned including all beddings, drapes, dishes and knick-knacks. Everything.


This can get a little messy but spread salt on every entrance to the house, every door and window must be covered. You may need to do this a number of times before the entity leaves.


You might want to contact a local medium. Have them come to your home and try to make contact with the spirit and find out why they are in your home and ask them to leave.


In this method you are going to go through your house with a lit candle and a small bell. Go into each corner of every room in the house and ring the bell. Then go outside and ring the bell at every corner of the house.


If you have a very nasty ghost and are worried about your safety, you may want to contact leaders within your faith and see if they have any options for you.


Many people have found that negative paranormal activity stops when a cat is brought into the residence.

Positive Energy

This often works with “quieter ghosts”. Walk as a family or with a couple of friends throughout the house telling the ghost calmly but forcefully that you want it to leave. In essence what you are doing is using positive live energy to push the ghost out.

Witch Boards

Many people are not comfortable using these and often fear that they will be open an avenue for other entities to enter. If you are comfortable using one then try communicating with the spectre in your home. Even if you do not get a response tell the ghost your wishes. Be forceful, and let the spirit know that it is not wanted.

Paranormal Groups

If you have a good proven team of ghost researcher that you can contact you may want to talk to them and see if they will visit. At the very least they may offer information or resources that you can use or give you information on other people that you can contact.

Which ever method you employ do your research. Find out exactly what all the pro’s and cons are before attempting any of them. Be certain that you and your family are comfortable with whichever method you decide to use. And you may decide that having a ghost in residence is not all bad, many claim that they actually enjoy having a ghost in the house.

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