Further Classifying Ghosts

Ghost hunters and people who study spectres often like to class ghosts by their behavior. They look at why a ghost is appearing and when. They also like to examine what the ghost does when they appear and how they interact with things in their environment. They use all this information to try to categorize the different types of ghosts into classes.

Some of the classifications are as follows:


This kind of spectre appears and does the same thing repeatedly. They might be recreating how they died or a traumatic event in their life. This type of spirit is usually very oblivious to anything going on in their surroundings. They do not seem to notice any other outside activity.

Another type of repeating ghost is the ghost that is being punished and has to repeat an act over and over again as part of their atonement for a crime or sin that they committed during their lifetime.


This type of ghost is said to appear as a warning of danger or of impending death. Many people claim that they have seen the ghost of one member of their family on the night that another family member dies.

Some ghosts are said to appear and try to warn people of a dangerous place or situation. One very famous legend is about the ghost children who died on the railway tracks. The legend says that they appear and push cars out of the way of the oncoming train. Many people have claimed that they have seen small handprints left on their car after the children have moved them out of harm’s way.


This type of ghost seems to appear in the same place repeatedly. However, it either does not want to communicate or does not have the ability. They may not be repeating the same action but they seem to have no idea about what is happening around them. They come and go and seem not to be affected by any outside influences.


These ghosts seem to want to interact. They make noise, walk around, and move objects. They seem to realize when things are new or different in the area that they haunt. They haunt a certain area but seem to know when something new is happening. These spirits can be either friendly or malevolent.


These kinds of ghost seem to be attracted to homes where there are teenagers or very emotional people. The big difference between poltergeists and smart ghosts is that poltergeists seem to appear for a few years and then disappear. Smart ghosts haunt a particular spot or area as opposed to a poltergeist who seems to be attracted by a certain kind of personality and moves in with them.

Task or Justice

This kind of ghost seems to appear because they have left something unfinished. They may have something that they want to tell someone or they may feel that they need to finish a job or task. There are also cases where the ghost feels like they need to have justice. If the person died in a violent or sudden fashion, they may want their killer to be found. Alternatively, they may want their remains to be found and buried properly. These types of ghost seem to disappear once they have completed their objective or task.

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