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Ghosts are everywhere. They are all around us. But there do seem to be places where their presence is felt more prominently than others. According to some experts, ghosts seem to be attracted to locations that have a strong emotional tie, either positive or negative. People tend to forget that ghosts can also be happy or positive. They are not always sad or scary. If you intend to go on a ghost hunt this is something to keep in mind.

Here are some of the types of places that tend to have a high rate of ghost sightings:


There are many theories as to why ghosts are often found around cemeteries. Some believe that the powerful emotions, which are often expressed at cemeteries, act almost like a magnet to spirits. Other believe that some spirits still feel connected to their bodies and like to stay close to their remains. Whatever the reason, many paranormal experiences have occurred in cemeteries over the years. Moreover, not just in old graveyards but new ones as well.


Again this is not a surprising fact. With the number of people that die in hospitals it would be surprising if they were not haunted. However, although this does tend to be a ghost hot spot it is probably not a good idea to try to hunt ghosts in the emergency ward of your local hospital.

Scenes of Accidents

Many people believe that ghosts often do not realize that they have died. Moreover, this is especially true of a person who died in a sudden unexpected fashion. These ghosts are often confused and lost.

Scenes of Crimes

These ghosts tend to be angry ghosts, or ghosts who seem to want justice. Unlike many of the other kinds of ghosts if you do decide to investigate this type of spectre be prepared for some very negative and often scary emanations.


In many different cultures and religions, crossroads have always represented power and are deeply rooted in tradition. However, with more and more roads being built almost every block is a crossroad. Therefore, if you plan to try your luck at finding ghosts at crossroads, try to go to more rural locations. Get to an area where the crossroads has been around for a very long time or has abandoned buildings nearby.


Many ghosts have been sited all over the world at the scenes of past battles. Whether these ghosts are there because it was the last place they were alive or because of the suddenness of their death it is impossible to say. Some believe that the ghosts who reside on battlefields, do not realize that the battle is over and they continue to fight even in the afterlife.

Old Houses

For some reason homes are often places where you find the ghosts of children. Maybe this is because they associate the home with happy times when they were alive. People who live in haunted homes often talk about hearing laughter and having things move around. Owners often talk about their ghosts as being playful or of being pranksters as opposed to being mean or evil. However, you do get the occasional poltergeist or truly malevolent spirit.

Old Buildings

Some ghosts may feel attracted to a particular building because of its association to their life. This is especially true of fire stations, police stations and theatres. People who are truly dedicated to what they do in life may still feel that connection to it in their afterlife. On the other hand, if you look into the history of a building you may just find that at one time it was actually the site of something else, e.g. the new supermarket might be built on the site of an old farm.

These are just some of the places that you might consider if you are planning to go out and hunt for ghosts. There are hundreds and hundreds of different places where you could begin your search. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the general feeling is that ghosts have some sort of a connection to the place they are haunting. So if you do want to start hunting do a bit of background work first and see if you have found a potential hot spot.

Specter of Newby Church ~ Reverend K. F. Lord 1963

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