Savannah, Georgia – Top 10 U.S. Haunted City

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Haunted SavannahThe city of Savannah, Georgia, is literally built on its dead. After a series of fires, Civil War battles, famine and plague, there wasn’t any more room for graves – so Savannah’s founders chose to simply build on top of where the dead lay buried. This fact alone makes it a prime target for some very prolific hauntings. It was founded by a man named James Oglethorpe, a freemason who designed the city using the “sacred geometry” well known within this secret society.

Oglethorpe designed it to be made up of several squares; squares known to trap spiritual energy. As a result, Savannah’s violent past made it the home to one of the most haunted cities in America. One such haunting is at 507 East St. Julian Street, what some call the most haunted house in the country.

The Hampton Lillibridge House, which is not in its original location, was bought by Jim Williams and is the site of the murder of Danny Hansford – a story made popular by the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Although Williams was tried five different times for the murder of Hansford, he was never convicted. However, a year later he died in the exact same spot where Hansford was found dead – an act some might call revenge from beyond the grave.


Hampton Lillibridge House – 507 East St. Julian Street


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Lemp Mansion – Haunted or Cursed?

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Lemp MansionEvery year thousands of people flock to the Lemp mansion in St. Louis, Missouri in an effort to see a ghost or witness some kind of paranormal activity. This home has been the subject of countless paranormal investigations and many of them have resulted in positive findings. There have been sightings of ghosts, orbs and EVP readings. There have also been reports of strange noises and temperature fluctuations.

The question of interest here is not if the house is haunted, but rather is the home cursed?

Lemp mansion is believed by many to be cursed and not merely haunted. To understand the situation in this particular story a person has to go back to the first incident.

At the turn of the century, William Lemp was a prominent businessman in St. Louis, who seemed to be on top of the world. However, that was all to change very quickly. In 1901 William’s son, Frederick died of a heart attack, and it is said that William never got over the unexpected death of his son. In fact, he became so despondent that he took his own life. William woke up on the morning of February the 13th 1904 and shot himself in the head.

The questions that many people ask are:

  • Was William really that upset or were there other factors involved in his decline?
  • Was the house the cause of his continued depression?
  • Was there something in the home that fueled his feelings?
  • Are William and the other ghosts being forced to remain in the home?

There are a number of things, which are said to cause curses:

A Deliberate Curse.

This kind of curse is one that is cast or placed upon a person or an object by another person. These kinds of curses can last for generations, depending upon the curse and the power of the caster. A curse of this nature is often considered to be the work of voodoo or black magic.

It is thought that some curses are of such power that they will affect not only those that are living, but those who have passed on. There is some belief that a person who is cursed in life may continue to suffer the effects long after their death. A commonly heard curse is that of a spirit being condemned to remain until a wrong has been righted.

Natural Places of Power.

There is one line of thought that suggests all over the planet, there are certain places, which are like magnets. These spots are a focus for spirits both good and evil. They draw power to them.

Un-natural Places of Power.

This is an area which has in the past been used as a portal. A person or a group of people opened a portal or doorway to the spirit world. They may have been using it for good or for evil purposes, but the doorway has remained open.

If you believe that the Lemp Mansion is cursed, what caused the curse? Was William the target of a curse that has followed his family for generations? Is the home built on a site of power?

After the death of William, the family suffered tragedy after tragedy. The Lemp Mansion is no longer in their possession, but it is believed that many of the family now haunt the home. Are they a part of the curse? Are the spirits of the Lemps remaining because of a curse? These questions have yet to be answered, but maybe with continued investigation and study, they will be.

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Time Travel Is Not Only a Possibility, It Is Eventually Inevitable

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Time TravelBlack holes would be the most enormous compact physical objects in the universe. The super-massive variety are actually millions and even billions of times the mass of our sun. However cutting edge investigation may take these cosmic colossi down a step or even more. Black holes are actually thought to be formed out of the gravitational collapse of astronomical objects that contain two solar masses or more. Astronomical findings to date propose that the centers of the majority of galaxies, together with our own Milky Way, comprise super-massive black holes containing millions to billions of solar masses.

These super-charged gravitational holes in space are formed either each time a star bigger than 20 solar masses collapses, or even when the total core of a galaxy collapses. Galaxy-collapse black holes release remarkable amounts of energy which can be observed from billions of light years out. This kind of energy originates from the friction of in-falling matter against itself and basically, no radiation can emanate from the black hole itself. These holes in space are collapsed stars whose gravitational force is indeed so intense that not a thing can break free of them, not even light. For this reason the adjective black is utilized. So far, there is good evidence only for one type of black hole: the enormous form which inhabits deep space millions of light-years beyond Earth. One particular example of this is actually the titanic black hole which is sucking up nearby stars at the heart of our own Milky Way. Researchers know the black hole is there because the galactic core is giving off intensive radiation which is the actual dying cry of devoured stars.

A star implodes as it is destroyed by means of its own tremendous gravitational forces. The black hole continues to be the same weight as it was just before it imploded, but it is now an opening right into hyperspace. Because a black hole’s gravitational pull is so very formidable, all nearby objects such as planets, asteroids, and even other stars are drawn directly into the whirling mass of the black hole. Any time a physical object enters this black hole, the object’s volume is added to the black hole’s mass, subsequently resulting in the black hole growing all the more powerful.

Is time travel possible? Theoretical physicist and 2057 host Michio Kaku explores the possibilities.

Smolin’s idea of cosmological natural selection stays away from anthropic reasoning by way of keeping that a process modeled after natural selection elevates the probability that there are pocket universes compatible with intelligent life. Within this particular amazing process, black holes create new pocket universes in such a way that the offspring universes inherit the fundamental physical attributes and constants of the parents, other than for modifications as an outcome of a modest amount of arbitrary differentiation; in other words, the particular process consists of what biologists name cumulative selection.

This specific innovative concept is born from the theory that we reside in a post-Big Bang universe which was initially generated from some other universe which experienced a big collapse. As a result of collapsing from gravitational contraction, all matter within this particular pre-Big Bang universe contracted to a point, bouncing, thus creating our own Big Bang.

Now that we know more about these gravitational holes, we understand and can hope to eventually categorize the quantum systems inside a charged black hole. Further, modern theory holds that for every single basic particle of matter, there exists an anti-particle with the exact same mass but a contrary electric charge. For example, a negatively charged electron has got a positively charged anti-particle known as the positron. Enter string theory, an evolving theoretical work that attempts to identify the known fundamental forces of nature, which includes gravity, and their relationships with matter in a singular, mathematically comprehensive system. Fourteen years ago, a string theorist, Juan Maldacena, conjectured that a number of powerfully interacting quantum mechanical systems could be patterned by classical gravity in a spacetime having continual negative curvature. The charges in the quantum system are substituted by a charged black hole within the bent spacetime, thus wedding the geometry of spacetime together with quantum mechanics.

For quite some time, Ronald Mallett has been working on plans for a time travel machine.

String theory, then, is a good attempt to deal with the reality that these two important theories in physics; quantum mechanics and relativity, tend to be essentially incompatible. This theory is able to blend the two by positing a collection of added dimensions over and above the usual four. People don’t see these other dimensions because they are securely wrapped inside a tiny radius that is unapproachable with typical energy levels. In concept, when you travel at the actual speed of light, time around you slows down. And so for instance, a man boards a rocket that travels at the speed of light. He travels around the solar system several times, and finally returns to Earth. When he exits the rocket, the Earth will have aged a few weeks although his journey only took a few hours. These concepts will eventually make time travel not only a possibility, but ultimately inevitable. – Learn to use divination tools and develop your own psychic abilities.

Patricia Corcoran is the owner and creator of freely-psychic. Tons of information here for you. Also forum pages for asking questions, opening discussions, and sharing your thoughts of time travel.

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Gettysburg Ghosts

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Ghosts in GettysburgGettysburg, Pennsylvania is considered one of the most haunted cities in the world. Places where sudden deaths occurred, and cemeteries, are considered hotspots by ghost hunters and Gettysburg certainly has both in abundance.

On July 1st 1863, one of the bloodiest battles of the US Civil war took place at Gettysburg. This historic battle is often considered the turning point of the war. General Lee led the Confederate Army and Major General George G. Meade led the north.

Gettysburg Ghosts

Do Gettysburg Ghosts Haunt the Battlefields?

After three long days of fighting, the North succeeded in stopping the advance of Lee’s Army. The human cost was astounding. The South suffered 4,708 casualties, 12,693 men were injured and 5,830 were either captured or listed as missing. The North, despite its victory, did not fare much better. They had 3,155 killed in battle, 14,531 wounded and 5,369 men were missing or taken prisoner.

The Ghosts of Gettysburg

After seeing the numbers of people that were killed suddenly, and the fact that many of them are buried in the local cemeteries, it is not surprising that this is the place to be if you are hoping to spot a ghost. Ghost sightings in and around the city have been going on for hundreds of years.

The ghosts that are most often seen in this area are either recurring, or non-interactive or both. There are numerous claims of people seeing a group of what appears to be soldiers dressed in grey walking in a line into the trees. These ghosts appear regularly, but do not seem to have any awareness of where they are or what is occurring around them. They return each time and repeat the same actions.

Many of the places in and around Gettysburg are considered to be historical landmarks so if you do plan to go and explore for Gettysburg Ghosts, do so with care and respect.

Gettysburg Ghosts – Most authentic video to date? Let me know what you think.

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What Are Shadow People?

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Shadow People

Shadow People Explained

In ancient lore, shadow people are considered to be demons summoned through black magic or similar ritual to wreak havoc on an intended victim. More modern and scientific approaches have attempted to isolate this phenomenon as nothing more than the product of optical illusions.

In addition, yet another explanation attributed to this process is the prospect of hypnagogia. Hypnagogia is a state of mind usually accompanying the process of first awakening. During this period it’s not unusual for an individual to experience something called a waking dream wherein the imagery can take on a sensation of being all too real. [1. Jenkins, G (2005). Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore. Sarasota, FL: Pineapple Press. ISBN 9781561643271. Retrieved 2010-03-31]

In any event, wherein the individual does experience this paranormal event, it should be treated as a very genuine encounter for that individual and as such ought to be respected as an actual haunting or visitation by a spiritual entity. In-other-words don’t be so quick to dismiss the experience that it leaves the individual with more questions than answers or more fear than certainty.

As a rule, shadow people are there to cause havoc, not necessarily physical harm. If physical harm does occur it’s usually the result of the individual’s reaction more so than any direct action of the shadow entity. Their presence is much like a parasite feeding off the negative energy of its host. The closer this entity can get to their host the greater the chaos it can create and feed off of.

What to Expect of Shadow People

To come in contact with a shadow person can be very frightening to the unaware. At first you may get glimpses of them through your peripheral vision as dark silhouettes cast against a light background or you might even see them fleetingly at night, usually as dense black spaces in the dark accompanied by an equally impenetrable feeling of apprehension.

Shadow people may try to make direct contact through a dream or astral projection at some point in order to grant permission for their entry and/or attachment. If you see them in a dream they will generally appear as a dark gray mass of energy with generic human features, i.e. arms, legs, body, head, face, smile, etc. In the case where they do present themselves in this manner, remain calm and demand that they leave your presence immediately without question.

If remaining calm isn’t in your vocabulary at that moment; remember, you’re a sovereign entity capable of accepting or rejecting anything that comes into your life. Shadow people cannot attach to individuals without their express consent, but it should also be mentioned that they are extremely tricky when it comes to obtaining that consent; so, be aware and beware.

Although shadow people cannot attach without permission this shouldn’t be seen to imply that they cannot cause havoc in your immediate environment, they can and will. The silver lining to all this doom and gloom scenario is that that shadow people will not stick around long if they can’t generate enough negative energy to sustain their presence and it does take a lot of energy.

Are There Any Dangers?

The dangers associated with shadow people are very clear and at no time should you ever try to entertain their presence or give them permission to enter your life. The primary aim of a shadow person is to create havoc by whatever means possible and to that effect they can behave much like poltergeists.

Shadow Person Captured On Full Spectrum Camera

Just as poltergeists, shadow people are able to manipulate and create physical manifestations through the use of sound and the movement of physical objects. Shadow people are especially keen to influence electronics in such a way as to cause flickering lights, TV interference, and any other number of electronic anomalies. Their primary goal is to inflict as much stress and fear as possible without causing direct harm.

If direct harm is related to a shadow manifestation chances are this is a malevolent poltergeist or spiritual manifestation and as such, the individual should seek immediate help from a trained professional experienced in the matter of paranormal haunting. Never attempt to handle a haunting of this nature on your own or without the aid of an experienced psychic; the results can be potentially devastating.


1. Shadow people appear as their name indicates, as a dark gray mass of energy with generic human features. They are largely benign in causing physical harm but can wreck havoc on the immediate environment.

2. Differentiating between the natural and the supernatural source of a shadow people experience is not a hard fast rule of science. Treat each reported occurrence as legitimate with careful investigation until proven otherwise.

3. If confronted by a shadow person, never give them permission to enter your life; the results can be very distressing to say the least. Always seek the assistance of a trained paranormal investigator if havoc becomes unmanageable or continues to persist over a long period of time.

22 April 2007 Waverly Hills Shadow Person

Michele Gerard is a Psychic Medium / Healer with over 30 years experience learning from the ground up. With an over 99% accuracy level and given little or no preparatory information, his abilities are truly one of a kind. Through these articles and his blog, [], he is attempting to take away a lot of the mystery and hype surrounding psychic abilities and shadow people with the belief that all of us are psychic by nature and that everyone should seek to find and enhance these abilities as their natural birthright.

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The Top Bermuda Triangle Theories

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Bermuda TriangleAliens

There are some who believe that there is an actual alien craft under the water in the Bermuda Triangle. They theorize that the aliens are using some kind of futuristic technology to keep ships and planes from coming to close to their craft. Others speculate that the aliens may be using the area to conduct some kind of scientific research and are getting test subjects from planes or ships that get too close to them.

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle


There have been numerous reports from people in the region having seen strange swirling lights and unearthly noises. They believe that these are either temporal distortions or wormholes.


This region is notorious for its unpredictable and quick changing weather. Storms seem to come out of nowhere. Hurricanes are known to frequent the area and tropical thunder storms are very common. The sea itself is known to produce huge waves out of perfectly calm seas. It was one of these freak sudden waves that was said to be the cause of the Ocean Ranger’s destruction. The Ocean Ranger was one of the world’s largest off shore drilling rigs. In 1981 it was hit by a huge wave that appeared out of nowhere and the oil rig capsized when it was hit by the wave. Read more

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The Mysterious Nazca Lines

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Nazca LinesOne of the most amazing things in the world are the ancient Nazca lines. These enormous carvings are located in the Peruvian desert, which is 1400 miles long and runs along the Pacific coast of South America. The actual lines are situated on a plateau near the town of Ica. These geoglyphs were believed to have been created around 600 BC. A geoglyphs is a pattern or design that is imprinted in the ground.

One theory states that the Nazca people who lived in the area created the lines. The pictures show not only animals and plants, but other strange beings as well. Due to the size of the geoglyphs, it would have taken decades to design them. The drawings were made by removing the reddish stones and pebbles native to the area, thereby leaving the white ground exposed.

Nazca Lines – Spider

Another popular theory suggests that aliens created these enormous works of art. If they were not actually made by the aliens, the hypothesis suggests that their design was conceived by some type of superior being that directed the people. Read more

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The Ghosts of the S.S. Watertown

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SS Watertown GhostsOne of the most famous ghost pictures is that of James Courtney and his shipmate Michael Meehan. The picture was taken from the deck of the S.S. Watertown in 1924 and since that time it has become the most recognized ghost photo in the world.

The two unfortunate sailors who are said to be the spirit faces in the water died while sailing aboard the S.S. Watertown. The huge oil tanker was sailing through the Panama Canal from New York. The seamen were said to have been cleaning an area of the ship that had a lot of gas fumes. Sadly, the two succumbed to the fumes and were then, as was the custom, buried in the Pacific Ocean.

Crewmates of the two dead sailors then began to see the faces of their departed mates in the water following the ship. The Captain of the S.S. Watertown was alerted to these eerie sightings and used the only camera on board the vessel to take pictures of the strange phantom faces.

SS Watertown Ghosts

SS Watertown Ghosts

The Captain is said to have taken the camera and placed it into the ship’s safe for the sake of security and to ensure that nothing happened to the film. When the boat docked, the photos were developed and although five of the pictures failed to reveal anything, the faces did appear in the sixth. Both the Captain and the first mate swore to the authenticity of the film when an investigation was underway.

The faces were only seen while the ship was in the Pacific Ocean, but they were reported to have been sighted on more than one voyage. However, after the crew of the tanker changed hands, the phantom faces never appeared again to any members of the new crew or to any other ships.

Many people have undertaken the challenged of trying to verify if the photo is genuine, or if it has, in fact, been altered in some way. Some investigators now claim that the entire episode was merely a giant hoax. However, if that is the case, what about the crewmen who all claimed to have seen the images? Were they all lying? Was it merely a big hoax? Believers do not think so!

SS Watertown Ghosts Video

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My Friends Haunting

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My friend says that she had a haunting a few days ago. she thinks that it is her recently deceased father. she has no videos but she is a good friend of mine and she’s not the kind of person to make stuff up to get attention..

She fell asleep on the couch in her living room which shares a wall with her sisters room and is across from bathroom. She woke up at 3:00 in the morning to go the bathroom and then tried to get back to sleep. She heard a sudden sound like someone banging on the wall and she heard the sound of someone opening and closing the cupboards in the bathroom. It stops and then 15 minutes later it starts up again. She and her dog run to the living room on the other side of her house (she was two living rooms and a big house). She laid down on the floor because her sister was on the couch because she never sleeps in her room.

She can still hear noises a the other end of her house. Suddenly it stops. She says that she was clenching her eyes closed because she could feel someone watching her from the end of the hallway. She hears soft footsteps like someone walking on carpet. She feels like there is someone behind her and then she hears her name and she says it sounded like it was “kind of hanging in the air”

At this point she opens her eyes and turns around and there is no one there. She starts crying and runs to her mothers room. Two hours later she is on the ed and it feels like there is a hand pressing down on the bed next to her. She turns, thinking it is her cat but there is no cat. As she is starting to fall asleep she hears tapping on the doorframe and shuffling noises. She says they went on for another half an hour and then finally stopped.

Submitted by: tdomf_bdded via User Submission Form.

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The Mysterious Oak Island Money Pit

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Oak Island Money PitWhat could possibly be more intriguing than a strange mystery that involves an unknown buried treasure protected by traps and other intricate systems? This is the exact enigma that has baffled investigators, and the curious alike, for years when the topic of Oak Island and its mysterious pit are discussed.

The story begins in 1795 on a small island not very far from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A young man by the name of Daniel McGinnis was exploring the shore of the island when he stumbled upon a strange depression. Above the depression, there was a large tree branch that appeared to have some kind of pulley device attached to it. Daniel, having heard the tales of pirates burying their treasure in the area, decided to return to the site with some friends and investigate. Read more

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